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  1. Yesss this guy gets it. Efficiency specialist
  2. Usually, you would be right. However, dunn started the season playying only 15 minutes a game off the bench and he was still averaging 2 steals a game at that time. His usage is so low that the extra minutes from starting hardly mean squat. This is a rare case of a player being more valuable in fantasy when his usage is lower. Dunns fantasy value in previous seasons when his usage was higher was actually much lower than his value this season on low usage. This is because hes horribly inefficient as an offensive player. Personally, i like this version of dunn who only plays defense.
  3. Yeaaah culver is not a good pick up unless youre punting all efficiency categories. Hes like the complete opposite of brandon clarke. Norman powell is historically not that good in fantasy even with opportunities. Personally i think his good run before injury was just an extended hot streak. Hard negative regression to the mean inc. Bjelica is solid for now. Him and clarke can be swapped depending on what you need. Clarke helps my efficiency stats though, which im not punting, and it's paying off. Long term i say clarke is still much better, even if his minutes are capped at 25 min.
  4. Mans dont need to start. Even in a bench role hes an elite steals specialist. Actually in a bench role, since he can worry less about foul trouble, he would be taking more risks and swiping incessantly
  5. I mean hes a hold even if hes never unleashed, unless youre punting fg% and need more rebounds
  6. Fair enough. The main point I want to get across is that Brandon Clarke is a stud that is worth rostering in 12- and even 10-team leagues
  7. The "competitive in 3 years" timeline. That said, your math just supports the argument that Brandon Clarke is worth rostering, even if JV maintains his minutes. Thanks man!
  8. Buddies he doesnt fit the memphis timeline tho. The contract was given to him to make him attractive as a trade asset next season
  9. Ye but JV aint the future. His minutes will go down
  10. His efficiency is money... This guy is a difference maker in fg% and turnovers and doesnt hurt your ft%
  11. Sure, but that doesnt mean it's not garbage LOL. Most people are lazy or don't understand statistics, which is where the appeal of points format comes in. It dumbs it all down a ton LOL
  12. Sorry, but I had to drop him in 12 teams. Please forgive me
  13. Yeah but points leagues are garbage LOL. Almost no thinking is involved compared to category leagues 😅
  14. Nance, yes. Clarke, no. Mr. Clarke is super valuable already on 20 minutes a game with just his points and Fg% anchoring alone. Even if he doesnt get unleashed, hes a must roster
  15. Holy this guy is 0/2 in the second quarter... Wth is going on 👿
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