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  1. You're probably right. I'm all fed up with Mr. Glassley.
  2. Should I drop this bum and move on? also got Capela and only 1 IL.
  3. Ofcourse the moment I drop him after sticking with him for almost a month he connects 3 monster games. And not only that, the guy who picked him up after the first game of this monster stretch is against me next week. FML. I’m cheering for Kyrie to heal and **** all over Caris production again just to mellow my regrets.
  4. So I guess TBJ is my pick. Had him for few stretches, if he get 30+ min it will worth it.
  5. What about DJJ? seems like Gallo isn't coming, his situation become better or worse since Crowder?
  6. If he'll get 30 min + a game he will be good. He isn't roster-able when he gets around 22-26 min.
  7. He regularly is, but he had 2 good weeks as the starting PG for the Wolves.
  8. Looking at his splits from last year when he started he averaged 11.8/6.3/1.2/0.5/0.4 with 1.8 Treys, 0.9 TO and decent % in around 30 minutes. Not sure if I would pick up in 12-T a guy with those numbers.
  9. Did the same. Even if he is not traded, he should be good for the next few games while Bulter is injured.
  10. Embiid is out for 3 straight games, Simmons averaged 5.667 assists in those game, Embiid also missed 31/12 game, Simmons made 3 assists in this one. It isn't about Embiid being a catch and shot guy but some of Simmons' assists comes from feeding Embiid under the rim, but more importantly Simmons feels like he need to create more points by himself when Embiid is out (at the expense of assists), he averaged 18 points in those 4 games without Embiid while his season average is 15.
  11. help how? he is playing at his current ceiling right now, at best it won't hurt him.
  12. Since no Embiid. Every time this bum starts to give me hope, he will immediately find a new way to f--- me up.
  13. The schedule for this week and the next one is bad, but after that it is just fine, 3-3 is ok and the 2-2 after it is because of all-star, it is the same for all teams so who cares? https://hashtagbasketball.com/nba-fantasy-schedule Just hold this week and the next one and we are good to go, I have PJ, Rozier and Graham but I've got easy matchups this week and the next so I should be fine.
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