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  1. Do I still go all in on this guy next year like I did this year? Gd Atkinson and his rotations
  2. Anyone who thinks Tatum isnt being included is delusional. Even if Tatum was traded Hayward has been hot garbage anyways this year, and its not like they can even trade for AD this season.
  3. Keep thinking this guy is gonna run out of juice and fall off, but then he drops 20 a game for 3 straight games
  4. point guards usually go off on the sixers, disappointing to see him only combine for 11 points these past two games during the home and home
  5. Hammy injuries are annoying if you rush back, wouldn’t be surprised if he’s held out for another week.
  6. this guy needs more playing time, his usage just isnt cutting it
  7. This guy is definition of consistent and underrated
  8. Minutes are just way too sporadic for me. His minutes haven’t increased much since Robinson’s injury, and they are bound to only decrease more as Knicks go full tank and Fiz gives Robinson more burn for development. He started hot, but the gaudy double double games have become few and far between. If he’s not giving you 15/10 he’s borderline useless with his non existent stocks and 3 point range. Dropped him for Grant and going to enjoy the 1/1/1 and fill the marginal rebound loss elsewhere.
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