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  1. I have a spot open in longtime 20-year old league. 16 teams. This open team stopped being active. League is H2H, auction draft, 8 player keeper (max 4 yrs). Players on his team include Urias, Mancini, Garcia, Judge, Carlos Rodon, and some others. Must be active all season please email me with interest stl_705@yahoo.com
  2. Bump - Spot open… 8 player keeper league on yahoo. 16 team h2h, roster has talent. Looking for dedicated active manager for 20+ year league.
  3. I have an open spot in our 16 team h2h league on yahoo, 6x6 categories. Team has talent. My email is stl_705@yahoo - please get in touch if interested.
  4. Freeman, harper, boegarts, contreras on roster. 16 team h2h $$ league on yahoo.
  5. Bump - still looking.. roster has talent just need a diehard fantasy manager.
  6. Dom - i sent you a reply and invite. Still open as of now.
  7. Open spot in 16 team, 8 player keeper league. Auction draft, $$, 16 teams, 6x6 H2H scoring. Open team has W Contreras, freeman, harper... not barren at all. Email me stl_705@yahoo
  8. Still trying to fill a spot, not a bad team. Any diehards want the spot let me know!! Looking to fill asap.
  9. Bump - Open spot available.. Highly competitive league. Keeper $$ auction. Hit me up if interested and you’re a serious fantasy player!
  10. I am looking to grab some managers to add to a now depleted waitlist for our baseball league. League is over 20 yrs old filled with fantasy diehards. 6x6 H2H, 8 keepers per team, auction draft. I’m admittingly looking for diverse managers as well, ie women, minorities, etc. Hope that isn’t taken the wrong way. Competition is a MUST and is a requirement. Please email me with interest or questions. Stl_705 at yahoo.
  11. Lol, seems that way. Still looking, trying to fill this spot. Team has betts on it.
  12. Hi Grunge, thanks for your interest. Please send me an email or post your email here for me to send invite. First come first serve, but gotta be active and serious. My email is posted above. Thanks!
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