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  1. Couldn’t open the scoring page, so I’d need more info on format, but in, etc. Would be interested pending that stuff. chris.hanna27@gmail.com
  2. Still very much interested, but haven’t gotten an email. chris.hanna27@gmail.com
  3. Might be interested. chris.hanna27@gmail.com Buy in?
  4. I might be interested. I’d need more details about the league. Platform? Rosters? How many keeps? Buy in? chris.hanna27@gmail.com
  5. I’d be interested. chris.hanna27@gmail.com
  6. Hello. My name is Chris. I may have interest. What’s the site you use? Buy in? I can be reached at chris.hanna27@gmail.com
  7. Hi. My name is Chris. I’d be very interested in joining. I’ve been playing in a keeper league for 10 years now, so I’m somewhat familiar with the format. My email is chris.hanna27@gmail.com
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