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  1. Just want to get another cash league spot on my belt, nothing more than $25 entry please. Also want to be on Yahoo, which is the site I'm most comfortable and experienced with. I'm looking specifically for 8cat or 9cat H2H. I'm a very committed fantasy player. Thanks,
  2. Don't mind a new startup or taking over an orphaned team, but want to get in a dynasty league on Yahoo! Prefer 9-category H2H, possibly open to roto scoring. Playing for a small buy-in up to $20 would be nice, but I'm open to a free league as well so long as its competitive. Thanks!
  3. Heading into the final game of the evening down 4-5 with the entire outcome depending on FT%, which I trail by .001 now. My Beverley, Holiday, and Caboclo against his JaM Green. If I lose because I sat Sterling Brown who went 2/2 over someone like Barton (0/1) or Burke (1/2), I could sure use some encouraging words lol
  4. A bit harsh, but I get the message. I have been coming to peace with the fact that after winning the regular season by 25 games with Kawhi, Kyrie, and Embiid, I may lose in the championship match that finishes today. I have been in my main league for four years now, with finishes of 3rd, 3rd, and 4th before now. I so badly want to get 1st to have the bragging rights over the guys in my league, but if 2nd place is written for me, that'll be the highest I've ever placed and I think I've proven my point that I'm not to be taken lightly in that league. My opponent this week has a bunch of healthy
  5. Thought I might like this guy more than I do in real life if he was on my fantasy team.. Wrong
  6. Brogdon, Mirotic, Warren, Zeller, Porter, Embiid, Kawhi, Kyrie
  7. It's only right that the tightest matchup I've been in all season is the championship game. Would love to get some insight on this from you guys. So I'm down 4-5. I have conceded points and assists to my opponent. I am down ~4% in FG%, 12 3PM, and 1 TO. Up by ~5% in FT%, 33 REBs, 11 STLs, 4 BLKs. I thought I was gonna win 3s but being down 12 with 2 days left seems like a lot of ground to make up, and my opponent did a good job of streaming for that category this week. My focus now is on winning FT%, rebounds, Steals, Blocks, and flipping turnovers my way. I think the FT% and rebound
  8. My opponent just picked him up before I could. If I wasn't down 11 3s after 4 days (and I went into the week expecting to have the advantage there) I'd have scooped him. But my goal is to win out in blocks and TOs now and if I cut that deficit in 3s down to 4 or 5 then I'll go after them again. For now, I hope he's a bust tomorrow!
  9. Returned Tuesday and left after a quarter or something cuz he reaggravated it. No reason for him to come back and I think the coach wants to use the last few weeks to evaluate the young guys
  10. I doubt he returns this season from a groin injury with 6 games left in the season. They just officially became eliminated from the playoffs today, adding to that doubt. I'd drop him and add Parker or Portis if they're available for the closest 3 and/or D stats, Brown or McRae only in the deepest of leagues, or anyone else who comes close to that 3/D production
  11. Sure hope it's corrected because I need every one, lol. It cracks me up how much doubt the know-it-alls here have on Mitch. If waiting til Thursday for two games of this significantly harms your team, I'm sorry to hear of a situation as terrible as that may be, lol
  12. Anybody else in a tight matchup stream him today and wondering if they should hold him through the weekend now?
  13. Matched up against Gobert tomorrow. Tempering expectations but hoping for that momentum to carry
  14. True, if I release him on Thursday I'll take the chance of not having him to stream if he's the best option available on Saturday. Good reasoning
  15. Dump? You wouldn't want to keep him til Saturday assuming Lavine Porter and Dunn are still doubtful to play?
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