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  1. i have a league that drafted but the owner abandoned the team...9x9 roto free on espn...keepers plus full minor league system...two teams available, astros and padres...let me know if youre interested and i can give you additional details
  2. http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league?leagueId=46569216 Team available is the Padres. League has been drafted, needing 1 replacement owner. See current roster plus own entire Padres farm system. We will slow draft our minor league prospects once league is filled with Padres owning 1st pick in milb draft. Let me know if you're interested or want to ask questions.
  3. i have a dynasty roto 9x9 league if you are open to that, we draft tonight...two spots were abandoned by their previous ovwners so it already has 5 keepers plus minor league system...i can give you more details if you are interested
  4. i have two spots in a 12 team roto dynasty league that drafts tonight if you are open to that scoring...padres and brewers available as they were abandoned by their previous owners...i can give you more details if you are interested
  5. ESPN 12 team roto, two spots left on teams that were abandoned...5 keepers each team plus their minor league system...draft tonight at 530pst/830est...i can give you more details if you are interested
  6. 12 team, 40 man rosters with 25 active...minor league system...keepers already selected and drafting tomorrow...
  7. Padres and Brewers left and we are ready to get rolling with the league starting on Wednesday!
  8. i have a 9x9 roto league on espn check mine out
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