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  1. Hopefully this bum keeps this going, man was putting up KJ Mcdaniels numbers for what felt like an eternity.
  2. Y’all shouldn’t feel bad about selecting AD, he’s been 9-cat gold for the past 3-4 seasons and has gotten over his injury prone ways asides from this calf injury.
  3. He’s gonna put up even worse per game averages when he returns , on top of more DNP’s sprinkled in. Definitely gonna coast his was to the end of the regular season so he can average 38mpg in the playoffs.
  4. Thank god he’s officially back. It’s safe to say the stocks and boards are back as well as 40%+ fg shooting.
  5. The way Memphis rotations are being used, I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays 25mpg and rests on back to backs. Really traded buddy hield for his guy thinking I made a league winning trade *insert clown emoji*
  6. This man has been 9-cat gold for over a decade now. Even though he has never won a championship, he’s a difference maker every where he has gone.
  7. Baby Al Horford , please live up to expectations and put in top 75 value
  8. I realized that the blurbs on yahoo are now from NBC. It will be Interesting to see how the blurbs change.
  9. Guarding a lot of off ball perimeter players this season, I hope the blocks start coming one way or another
  10. I don’t think the 0.7 blocks are sustainable similar to kyrie’s 0.8 blocks. I expect both of these players blocks to drop to 0.4-0.5 per game
  11. I traded buddy hield for this guy, regretting it hard as I’m in first place in a $250 entry fee league with a large bonus to the 1st seed. I really thought I was making a league winning move acquiring JJJ
  12. I’m not joyful yet, the steals have been there all season but the lack of shot attempts from enes Kanter having tunnel vision, and the blocks disappearing are my concerns. Rebounds seem to be drying up aswell.
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