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  1. It’s seems that vladdy will be batting 5th, behind springer, bichette, semien, and hernandez. Will that hurt his chance of getting 100 Runs/Rbi?
  2. Doesn’t mean that they can’t take away minutes from diallo...
  3. Sheesh I forgot about Ellington. There’s a good chance they’ll keep him on the court for gravity purposes.
  4. Anybody else think he will be capped out around 25mpg when dsj and possibly Hayes return , hurting his ROS outlook ?
  5. Anybody know why his blocks have took a considerable dip this season?
  6. Jorma definitely an adult sending over 10 offers every night in his fantasy league filled with middle schoolers with zero dollars on the line. must be nice
  7. Hopefully this bum keeps this going, man was putting up KJ Mcdaniels numbers for what felt like an eternity.
  8. Y’all shouldn’t feel bad about selecting AD, he’s been 9-cat gold for the past 3-4 seasons and has gotten over his injury prone ways asides from this calf injury.
  9. He’s gonna put up even worse per game averages when he returns , on top of more DNP’s sprinkled in. Definitely gonna coast his was to the end of the regular season so he can average 38mpg in the playoffs.
  10. Thank god he’s officially back. It’s safe to say the stocks and boards are back as well as 40%+ fg shooting.
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