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  1. Top 65 player in FantasyPros player ranking and Yahoo’s rankings for the past 2 weeks. Hopefully he keeps up his strong play when LeBron comes back. I see him finishing up the week on a strong note.
  2. A cool 31 points on 5 3PT. His 3PT's will trend up with Holiday out the picture.
  3. 18/9. Back to the McGee we've all known. Nice to see!
  4. Nice to see him gain PG eligibility. What a find! Finding gems like him are why the wire is so important; depth is crucial in fantasy. If one player goes down, but you pick up a solid player like Justice, your team will be able to overcome that injury!
  5. Nice to see the Assists bump over previous years, but I'm patiently waiting for his 3PT's to trend up!
  6. Quietly putting up top 40 value. Waiver wire pickup of the year IMO.
  7. This stretch that he's on has been like the one Kobe went on in 2006. It's been a joy to watch. AD was my MVP pick, but it's remarkable how Harden has carried his team since CP# went down. He beat 4 All Stars yesterday, think about that for a minute. He's been simply incredible these past 2 weeks! He's the front-runner for MVP right now IMO.
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