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  1. I own Barton and Harris and honestly don't know what to do lol
  2. I potentially can get Gobert for him and possibly Smart as a kicker. My trade deadline is next week so I have to make a decision on The Process soon 🙁
  3. Sooo would it be stupid to trade Embiid for Drummond/Gobert/Capela 1 for 1?
  4. Haha I had Robinson, Isaac and Butler. Just traded Butler in a package to get KD but I still got Mikal Bridges
  5. Interestingly enough I had this exact pickle the other day. Decided to keep SloMo because I need stocks and I think Nets are a bit deeper than the Grizzlies
  6. 12 team 9 Cat H2H. Punting assists. Bledsoe Hield PG13 KD Porter Barton Batum Mikal Bridges Isaac Harrell Embiid Collins Mitch Rob Trading Embiid/Isaac for KAT? Good trade? Or should I switch Issac with someone else? Stay put (currently in first place)? Thanks in advance!
  7. I am in the same situation. First place with Embiid and AD owner has asked about him, I rejected and so should you. No need to take any risks considering your position.
  8. Ooh I have both Isaac and Bridges and they've both been trending up recently... but Isaac has a better chance at maintaining esp if a trade happens there
  9. 9 cat H2H. Currently in first place and punting assists. Rest of my team: Bledsoe Hield Batum Barton Otto Bridges PG13 Isaac Collins Harrell Embiid Mitch Rob Should I take it?
  10. Definitely a high risk trade for the Love side but dont think its vetoable
  11. I also dont believe AD gets shut down at this point but if you feel the need to trade him, I say go for someone in the top 15 range at least.
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