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  1. At least when pop did it with Timmy he was legit old. Ad is only 27 and in his prime.
  2. Haha problem with this is you'd end up with the most fragile player ever. Over /under 40 games played all season?
  3. It's like he drained all the boards and stocks from roco
  4. I'd sell whichever I can get the best return for and keep the other two for a late season run. Holding two you might survive to playoffs but 3 will be hell hard
  5. I'm intrigued by his potential but really I'm now just waiting for a strong of good games so he's tradeable
  6. I got Simmons draymond and Collins and no il spots so this one hurts!
  7. I was thinking zubac would start but harrell and green will play big minutes at centre taking away opportunities to play through a bad start. Whereas rabb is the backup for an injury prone jv that can't move and I don't think he's back yet anyway?
  8. Probably Warren as dropping kanter leaves you thin on bigs
  9. Tough one, in a nutshell yes but I don't like having 3 from the same team
  10. You can get gobert for whiteside?! Definitely do it
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