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  1. Mirror, mirror on the wall, A claim has been made to the fairest of all Snow White gone, just Pocahontas left.
  2. Orphan in Ball-themed (ie each team is themed on a ball - it is as dumb as it sounds) Best Ball league. Sflex, 0.5ppr with TE premium 1ppr. 16teams. $30 in and winner takes all.League at https://www54.myfantasyleague.com/2021/ ... 26521&O=07Available team is Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls but new owner can change name and I will do new graphics. Not gonna lie, it's kinda rough. Has Kittle, Sutton, Matt Ryan. Erm. That's about it. Picks 1.05/2.05/3.05/4.05 in the rookie draft.Email me if interested matthew.taylor113@gmail.com
  3. Who wants to be a princess?Two orphans in Disney Princess-themed league. 14tm, Team QB Sflex, Head Coach position, 2TE. 0.5ppr. Rookie draft takes placed in early April - before the nfl draft. Hosted on MFL, $30 buy-in, GroupMe chat.League at:https://www54.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/68966#0Available teams and selling points:Snow White - Ravens Team QB, JK Dobbins, Michael Thomas, Amari Cooper, Chris Carson, Darren Waller, Bruce Arians picks 1.06/2.06/3.06/4.06 in rookie draft.Pocahontas - Titans and Bucs Team QBs, Ezekiel Elliot, Joe Mixon, Kareem Hunt, Keenan Allen, DeAndre Hopkins, Terry
  4. Still looking. With europeans thin on the ground will consider non-europeans provided they are happy to root against the US.
  5. Hi Chris - yep still got 2 so one is yours. Do you wanna email me on matthew.taylor113@gmail.com?
  6. Still banging the drum on this one - 3 Europeans needed. Graphics now done for the US team if you want to see how it looks: https://www71.myfantasyleague.com/2020/home/19161#0
  7. Bump. C’mon Europe. I’m a brit but don’t hold that against me - let’s gang up against the Americans!
  8. Europeans needed for a Ryder Cup-themed startup NFL league. 16team, sflex and TE premium, non-contract, non-idp with 25 man rosters (plus 5 x IR and 5 x TS) hosted on MFL with $70 buy-in. League includes some quirky features: * Redraft entire team every 2 years in line with the biennial nature of the Ryder Cup * Teams can win "Captain's Picks" to have keepers beyond the 2-year period * Schedule to reflect the real Ryder Cup with foursomes and fourballs where you are paired with another member of Team Europe to face off against 2 Americans (also singles matchups) * Cash prize split
  9. Bump - last spot available, sign up now and draft this weekend!
  10. Not 1ppr (0.5 with TE premium 1ppr) but have a best ball dynasty startup with 3 spots left: Already 1 aussie in there so you’d feel at home
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