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  1. Yeah Mayock needs to be fired now. Don’t wait another second
  2. “One thing with all of our backs is that we are coaching all of them to be the starter,” Bieniemy said. “Coaching all of them to take somebody’s job. At the end of the day we want to put the best players in the best situations to give us the best opportunity to win, so right now we want to watch how these guys compete; that’s the name of the game. We’re in training camp, we want to compete for a job. Who wants it, who can improve on the little things we worked on and talked about throughout the offseason. But when it’s all said and done with, let’s come out and maximize the opportunity being p
  3. I think that’s a possibility, with WR2 floor. Not really a ton of room for argument either way
  4. Nope was quoting ESPN stats, and those assholes transposed weeks 1-17 with weeks 17-1. Their fault. And he actually had 14 targets this game that the stats changed to 13 this morning. I just went through tape and he had 14 targets, so they should change that back.
  5. Wait, how could it have been worse? Jones scored 3.9 fantasy points on 14 touches, and looked even worse than that doing it.
  6. You can’t say he didn’t look bad. He looked ******** AWFUL. Inexcusably bad. There are literally memes across the internet right now making fun of him for looking drunk on the field. Don’t lie
  7. Bears D was good. Packers O was bad. But game script favored Jones and he had 13 carries and a target, and looked EXCEPTIONALLY bad every time he touched the ball. I think he had one play that was like a 9 yard run that even under the circumstances was the only half decent play he made all night. There is a meme going around that he was a drunk sorority girl stumbling around on the field last night. He looks like the type of player that can use his burst to beat up on bad teams but his complete lack of vision is concerning in any challenging situation.
  8. Wow just found this in the stats... A Rob last 4 games targets: 13 13 7 14 And that 7 target game was week 16 where the Bears went up big early against GB and Robinson had his lowest snap count of the year(only 46 snaps) while a bit injured and resting for the playoffs. Just averaging 10 targets per game makes a player a virtual lock to be a WR1. All signs are pointing that way, but to be safe let’s assume that he regresses heavily down to averaging 8-9 targets per game that he started last season at before some of his injury problems af
  9. ARob is one of my favorite underrated players, and I’m glad I own him everywhere and started him with AB sitting out. This is crazy: A Rob, in his last 2 games, has recorded 13 targets and 13 targets. 13 targets per game is 208 on the season. Unlikely obviously, but 10 per game is more than reasonable after we have seen him get 13 in each of his last 2 games. If he regresses back to 10 targets per game the rest of the season, he’ll end the year with 160+ targets and be a WR1. Here are targets for WRs last year: Julio 170 Adams 169 AB 168 JuJu 166
  10. 7 points sets this up for OT and extra fantasy points on the board
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