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  1. I read somewhere that they don't believe that Andrew Friedman will trade Lux when he's got a lower value; also, from a long term 2B point of view, they don't really have someone who could take a over at 2B. Busch's defense at 2B is considered a most passable, so he is unlikely to be their future 2B. They also stated, in case they can't sign Seager (Dodgers can't sign someone? That's news!), they may use Lux at SS. I guess I don't care where Lux plays; whether it be Dodgers or other team, my main focus is on whether Lux will be able to be live up to his potential.
  2. Hey guys, I have an opportunity to acquire Lux in exchange for Groshans. What are your thoughts of the struggles Lux had in the last two years? His underlying stats do show some concerning trend as his average exit velocity and his hard hit rate both shows a decrease in 2020 from an already low numbers in 2019. Should I do the trade?
  3. So I am in a keeper league and need to keep 20 players. I am down to whether I should keep Kimbrel or Moose for my final spot. I do have 2 other closers but no 2B. What are your thoughts of Kimbrel turn it around in 2020? Also, Moose did fade quite a bit in the second half of 2019; which is a bit alarming but since I don't have a 2B; thus, me debating here.....
  4. I have been offered Muncy, Hader, and a prospect draft pick/someone (not discussed yet) else for Stanton; I have not brought up Beni yet. We are in a 12 league dynasty.
  5. If innings is what you are concerns for..... Turnbull's innings per start is close to 5-1/3; similarly for Ponce de Leon. Laurer's innings per start is at 5-1/3 and Lament is less than 5. Turnbull's innings will be limited; so won't help down the stretch. However, he would be a good pick before they start to shut him down and your second pitcher I would go with Ponce de Leon as he is more stable than Lament. I like Lament's K but not sure how much pamper he will be getting fresh of TJS absent.
  6. Agree with Baur10, that's a lot to give up. Kieboom will be a future stud. Try for a 2nd round pick rather.
  7. I have plenty of OF and looking to trade one; who would you trade away between the two?
  8. Stanton was in a new league and nonetheless in NYC and ‘18 was the year he tried to “fit in”. I think he will take off again in ‘19.
  9. I agree and I think his ADP is rising as we speak.
  10. People devalue him is great for mine diggers. I think ‘19 will be the year that CC breaks out.
  11. Grandal will benefit from that ballpark and lineup for sure. I think the HR total will be up.
  12. WHS needs to hire a great base running coach, I don’t see it from the list of coach on their official website. I think a great coach can teach Moncada how to become a great base stealer.
  13. McMahon shouldn’t be much of a concern since he has not shown much when given the chance, Hampson on the other hand did showed up better. So Hampson should have the first crack.
  14. What would you do in dynasty or keeper league? If he has become an elite first half pitcher but above average with injury concern in second half, would you still trade him?
  15. Coors factor can be scary but the peripherals checked out OK. Always a risk, just don’t reach for him.
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