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  1. Grab Guice, great 3rd rd pick that could break the top 10. Speaking of which, what is the temperature from everyone on Guice?
  2. My rankings, in order and tiered Tier 1 Barkley, Zeke, CMC, Gurley Tier 2 Kamara, Conner, D. Williams (if still bell cow), Gordon Tier 3 Bell (on another team) Mixon Johnson Tier 4 Chubb, Cook, KJ, Mack Tier 5 CJA, Drake, Miller, Michel, Kareem Hunt (if he makes a team) etc Notes: 1. I was worried that CJA would do to CMC what he's been doing to Gurley these past few games. Some of it may have been Gurley's knee, but I still want to slap Ron Rivera for not using CJA. He's clearly talented. I think the Rams have seen he's worth keeping around and
  3. I think Damien Williams is a product of the system. Ware was good, then Hunt, now him (in a 3 game sample). If Williams was that good, I don't a single coach would not put him as their lead back, regardless of who is ahead of them. Case in point: Phillip Lindsay. I do think Williams will be around next year, but they would be stupid not to draft someone. Unfortunately, it's not a great year for RB's coming out of college, so whoever they get probably won't be fantastic. Other thing is that Reid loves his workhorse backs, I'm pretty sure he hated when it was 50/50 ware and west. I t
  4. @petekrum Optics are huge in the NFL nowadays. Coaches may not care, but owners do, and owners have a huge influence on whether a player signs. Like I said, it's not just this one infraction that was caught on video, they have to investigate 3 incidents, and its not looking good for hunt. Maybe he can come back, but a lot of coaches don't look at players that have been out more than a year. We'll see, maybe his suspension is short but I doubt it.
  5. I didn't think Hunt's infractions were too bad until I saw the video myself and saw him kick the girl while she's on the ground. That coupled with two more possible incidents, and I'll be shocked if he plays another down in the NFL. It's gonna take them a long time to fully investigate, and I'd expect him to get a heavy suspension, possibly even a whole season. As far as teams that might be interested, I think it's way too early to tell because teams that are hurting for RB now will have something for an answer well before Hunt finishes his suspension. If I had to pick today though
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