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  1. The line, the hope once realizing what his per36 would be, and then the despair once realizing he won't be averaging 36 minutes anytime soon... THAT is the definition of fantasy Noel. I'm still holding on because I want to see a game where he plays 25+, which is dependent on whether Thibs decides to hand Mitchell Robinson the reins after this performance. Although, you gotta wonder what happens if Robinson runs into foul trouble early 😂
  2. Hi there everyone, New to the forums (been lurking for a good 3 years, only started to post recently) and I wanted to get everyone's opinion on my auction draft results: Budget $200 1. (5) Paul George (LAC - SF,PF) $39 2.
  3. Before last season he played 72+ games every season he's had with the Spurs, so I'm not particularly worried about injuries. His years are getting up there, but I agree with this sentiment that he's been off the court for enough time to emerge fresh and maybe turn back the clock just a little bit.
  4. Got Lowry and I'm really hoping for a great punt fg%/TO showing from him. Anyone have word on if FVV could slowly encroach on Lowry's time? I feel like his years are getting up there this season, and the way he plays I'm afraid for that booty... Regardless, I think he's a great asset in the right h2h leagues and if he can stave off father time just a bit longer, we should see the same perennial All-Star in him again.
  5. Snagged him for $19 in a 12man 9cat h2h auction draft... punting TOs and have padded FT% around him (plus guys like Gobert, Drummond, Whiteside went to various different teams, and the guy who seemingly tried to punt FT% got screwed over). Really hoping he's durable this season, although I'm not crossing my fingers. I think a healthy Fox could have him contributing 3rd, maaaybe 2nd round value in h2h. He played 73 and 81 games his first two seasons, so I hope he finds a way to stay healthy in the coming months.
  6. After the preseason games: Paul George per 36 minutes: 21.9 PPG, 44 FG%, (40 3P%), 2.5 RPG, 6.3 AST, 1.3 STL. Got him for $39 (15-20th) in a 12man 9cat h2h, really hoping he bounces back into the top 15, if not the top 10. Man needs his mojo back.
  7. Finished a 12m 9cat h2h auction draft just now and got him for $22 (coincidentally, also got Christian Wood for the same price). Felt like I may have paid up, but then saw this thread and I'm long, long, long Nurk! Does any other player come to mind when thinking of Nurk as a 4th-round value big who gets into foul trouble? Have bigs who get into foul trouble in the past been able to remedy their issues (and is Terry Stotts capable of facilitating that kind of improvement)?
  8. Finished a 12m 9cat h2h auction draft just now and got him, happily, for $22 (coincidentally, also got Nurk for $22). Really praying he blows up, since I had him last season when he was on the Pistons and his per-36 numbers were making r/fantasybball nut themselves. Hopefully preseason results make the Rockets' front office trust him enough to not crowd the team with young bigs...
  9. Sweating hard as I ctrl+f "Paul George" and find nothing 🥵 I think PG3 is due some upside, given that he plays the minutes and his steals don't tank. It looks like his ADP (EDIT: on Yahoo) is around 21, which seems a bit low to me given what he could do while playing a healthy season. Am I missing anything here?
  10. Finished an auction draft where Kyrie went for $35... really wanted him but that seemed a tad pricey for me :(. Kyrie seems to me like the guy who might end up putting some reporter on blast after being asked about internal tensions within the team and end up presenting a great buy low opportunity. Hoping that he bumps into Durant while burning sage and ignites his shorts
  11. Excuse the green behind my ears as I give my two cents: Even in a H2H league, if we assume a few superstars could win your season for you, that'd also mean their busts/injuries could lose your season? I think that it's somewhat of a risk to draft a combo of Harden, Luka, and Giannis (although granted, Harden and Giannis are both seemingly durable) because if any of the three are out for a significant amount of time, your team will be worse without suitable replacements on the waiver, if not crippled. I would think that in comp auction drafts, these 1st rounders don't go for ya
  12. Just did a 12-man 9-cat H2H auction and snagged him for $2, threw him on IL instantly. Is there a clear timeline on his return yet? I'm seeing he's more than 2 weeks out ("further behind" Keldon Johnson).
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