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  1. What's going on with our favourite Frenchman this past week? Averaging 11pts/8reb over the past 4 games - the longest he's ever gone without hitting double digit rebounds (previous drought was 2 games back in October). The minutes have been there, as well as the blocks - just a mini-slump or something more?
  2. Haven't seen anything on "The Painter" recently; what are we thinking with Simmons out and Embiid possibly out for an extended amount of time? Thybulle got a huge run of starter's minutes back in January, but the 76ers' guard rotation has gotten more crowded since then with the return of J Rich, and the additions of Burks and GRIII. Worth grabbing while Philly's top 2 are out, or is it likely to be a fluid lineup of minutes and usage going forward?
  3. Damn, I can't tell who's going to stay relevant once Denver's frontcourt is back and fully healthy. Lines like this from MPJ make me want to drop Grant and grab MPJ off waivers, but they're both playing extremely well until Millsap and Plumlee come back into the rotation...who do you guys see keeping value ROS?
  4. Brooks is such a garbage coach it's honestly incomprehensible at this point. 6:21 left in the 3Q and we're getting 18 minutes each of Isaac ******** Bonga and Mahinmi over 11 minutes of Bryant???? The only reason Bertans hasn't played more than his 19 minutes is because he has 4 fouls, not to mention Mahinmi ALSO HAS 4 FOULS and is still playing. God please let the Washington FO realize that they can't employ a clown to be managing their team on the floor.
  5. So ridiculously frustrating from Jenkins - Grizzlies are down 30 to start the 4th yet Clarke STILL isn't playing with the reserves, instead you get a garbage time lineup of Tyus, Guduric, Hill, Anderson, JV. I've been holding since I drafted, hoping for a minutes increase as the season plays out but now I'm not so sure if it's ever going to happen this season. May just end up holding until the trade deadline (which is only 2-3 weeks away) and cutting him if nothing changes on the MEM frontcourt.
  6. https://www.rotoworld.com/basketball/nba/teams/den/denver-nuggets It's mentioned in both Garris' and Millsap's most recent player updates.
  7. They're reporting that Mike Malone stated he would be resting the key Denver players in their remaining 10 games, but nothing more has come out of that. Guessing all of the starting 5 would be resting at least 2-3 games each moving forward? It has to be a significant number if he's publicly saying it, I'm assuming - but correct me if I'm wrong
  8. Sigh I really want to hold this guy for the statlines we know he can produce, but it's not looking pretty recently. Looks like the ball's been in DeRozan's hands more often in the past week or two..trying to decide if I should swap White out for Sato or SGA since they both have 4 games this coming week 😐
  9. I've run out of superlatives to describe what this man is doing...just unreal statlines every night. Take me home Mr. Robinson 🤑
  10. Ended up flipping him for Jerami Grant in my 8Team H2H Punt Ast league, can't stomach his low minutes for the rest of the season anymore.
  11. What are we doing about this guy? Ranked outside the Top 100 in the past month and Kenny Atkinson's doing his usual thing where everyone gets 25 mins regardless of starter or bench (unless your name is DLo or Joe Harris). Even Allen's normally solid FT% has taken a huge dip down to 60% in the past month, not to mention the decline in his scoring and rebounding (10pts/7reb/1.3blk in the last 2 weeks). Apart from that monster 20/24 game back in mid-January he hasn't shown flashes of anything really. Is the breakout season going to be postponed to next year?
  12. Well here we are...he's finally put together a nice little stretch over the past 4 games, albeit on poor shooting compared to last year's average. Is it time to sell high before he inevitably goes into a shooting slump again? Honestly doesn't look like he'll ever go back to his 2017-18 form in Budenholzer's system. My guess is he'll stay where he is and hover around Top 50-60 value ROS.
  13. I acquired Tobi right before he was traded to Philly, which was unfortunate because I already owned Embiid, Butler, and Redick. Wanted to hold out and see how he would produce as the 4th option, and it looks like last night's performance is a pretty good indication of his reduced output ROS (around 15pts, 6reb on good efficiency?). I decided I couldn't stomach having 4 Sixers on my team at once so I sent him and CJ out in exchange for Vucevic - good trade or too hasty of a decision? Punt AST 8-team H2H
  14. Has Randle's return tonight marked the end of the Jah hype train? Finished with 13pts/5reb with nothing else on 75% FG, in 25 minutes. Didn't play most of the second half as Randle (30 min), Diallo (23 min), and K. Williams (35 min) split most of the time between PF & C. Too early to tell if Gentry will be using Okafor consistently in the future now that Randle's back (and rumored to be staying), or is this going to be the norm going forward?
  15. Man I was so high on JRich coming into the season, drafted him around pick #50. Traded him + Sabonis away to acquire T Harris, but now I'm thinking of buying low to get him back by sending CJ. Would you guys do this? I still believe that his stocks can come back, and also that his FG% will come back up once Dragic is playing PG again. Punting assists, 10team H2H.
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