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  1. Whit for me. SB and position eligibility. Thanks for the help on mine.
  2. Darvish salary basically doubles every year from here on out. $10/2022 - $20/2023 - $40/2024... so he'd most likely hold his value for two more years.
  3. I could decide to keep Turner at $41 if I wanted. Yu at $10 is a better value play obviously. But being in second, I’m not worried about next year. We only keep 6. I can always find 6 to keep Correa could move to my MI spot or DH spot. I currently have Jazz at MI and Longoria at DH... but I have 8 players on the IL. Current offense c - barnhart c - mejia (kirk IL) 1b - freeman 2b - merrifield ss - correa 3b - mcMahon (hayes off IL today tho) ci - cron of - yelich of - jd martinez of - haniger of - calhoun of - b reynolds (fr
  4. Was offered his Trea Turner for my Yu Darvish. its a keeper roto league. Turner is $41. Yu will be $10 next year He’s out of contention and looking for a cheap keeper for next year. i’m in second place. My pitching is solid with Yu, Glasnow, Musgrove, Burnes, Means, Urias, Urquidy. My hitting is middle of the pack. Correa is my SS currently. Been decimated by injuries or ineffectiveness... Hayes, Ozuna, Freeman, Yelich. Was also offered Jose Ramirez for Darvish and Urias. Make the deal?
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I have Darvish, Burnes, Glasnow, Musgrove, Means, Ray, Urias, Urquidy, Canning and Cease to choose from to fill five spots every week. Seems like Ynoa might be a good risk considering
  6. Thanks for the help with mine. would definitely not go for the Morton/Bohm deal. im liking the goldschmidt deal much more, but not sure you need pham. The pairings seem odd for you.
  7. Bump. Anyone? WHIR... leave link
  8. Our league allows for only 10 FA moves for the entire year. However, IL moves are unlimited, and we have the option of keeping the replacement player instead of the inured player once he comes off the IL (but one has to be dropped). So I have Cease on the IL and picked up Ynoa to replace him. Once Cease comes off the IL, which one would you drop/keep?
  9. Response from CBS: We’re sorry you’re experiencing difficulty with live scoring. We are aware of this issue and are currently looking into a resolution. Thank you for your patience in this matter. If you have additional questions, please reply to this message and we will be happy to assist you further.
  10. We're not getting Live Scoring to work in our league on CBS either. Found a page that says I needed to download the latest Flash. Flash!? That was discontinued last year. I hope thats not the issue and CBS F'd it up, because its been pretty big news that Flash is dead.
  11. Being a Cleveland fan, I'm nervous about Bieber. Faced weak competiton in 2020, and got shelled in the playoffs, plus he had a pretty bad spring. Definitely would trade him for Yelich.
  12. Gave Moncada $12 for Huira $5. Gave Hiura $5 for Merrifled $20... so basically Moncada for Merrifield (Have Ke'Bryan Hayes as a $5 keeper at 3B)
  13. Means @ BOS or Cease @ LAA. Who do you go with?
  14. Re: Auction. I agree with most of the ones stated. I think the biggest one is know other owner tendencies (if you run with the same group year after year). closers always used to go for high prices until the last two or three years in our league. Hendricks was thrown own as the the first closer this year and it went silent at $9. I waited a few seconds and got him at $10 (my personal limit for my #1 closer). There are two guys in our league who always overspend for closers and when I noticed neither were in the bidding, I hopped in. The next few closers went for over $10.
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