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  1. Response from CBS: We’re sorry you’re experiencing difficulty with live scoring. We are aware of this issue and are currently looking into a resolution. Thank you for your patience in this matter. If you have additional questions, please reply to this message and we will be happy to assist you further.
  2. We're not getting Live Scoring to work in our league on CBS either. Found a page that says I needed to download the latest Flash. Flash!? That was discontinued last year. I hope thats not the issue and CBS F'd it up, because its been pretty big news that Flash is dead.
  3. Being a Cleveland fan, I'm nervous about Bieber. Faced weak competiton in 2020, and got shelled in the playoffs, plus he had a pretty bad spring. Definitely would trade him for Yelich.
  4. Gave Moncada $12 for Huira $5. Gave Hiura $5 for Merrifled $20... so basically Moncada for Merrifield (Have Ke'Bryan Hayes as a $5 keeper at 3B)
  5. Means @ BOS or Cease @ LAA. Who do you go with?
  6. Re: Auction. I agree with most of the ones stated. I think the biggest one is know other owner tendencies (if you run with the same group year after year). closers always used to go for high prices until the last two or three years in our league. Hendricks was thrown own as the the first closer this year and it went silent at $9. I waited a few seconds and got him at $10 (my personal limit for my #1 closer). There are two guys in our league who always overspend for closers and when I noticed neither were in the bidding, I hopped in. The next few closers went for over $10.
  7. Thanks for the feedback... i will add that Darvish and Burnes were keepers at those prices. I certainly overpaid for Glasnow and dont love that pick, but the higher end pitchers flew off the board for high prices and I panicked. I do wish I had put more money into hitting. Hell, i left $10 on the table (and probably more like $20 withoit the Kirk overspend at the end). Two guys left over $25. Was a strange auction
  8. 10 team keeper - Roto 6x6 (IP and OBP added) - $260 auction - We have only 10 FA moves during the year - but we draft 10 reserve spots. We lost two teams this year after being a 12 team league for years. It threw everyone off as far as budgeting. There was $120 left on the table amongst all of us. I;ve never had this many $1 players. No one would bid on the guys I threw out at the end. Really weird year. Anyhow, here is what I ended up with: C - Ramos $1 C - Kirk $18 (Bidding war for my second to last player with another guy that had a ton of money left) 1B - Freeman $37 2B - M
  9. Thank you for the responses! I'm torn because I don't love any pitchers left on the board other than some flyers that I can get in the reserve rounds. My winning bid guesses based on our league history • Bieber $42 (we're Cleveland based) • Bauer $35 • Max $32 (as a floor, if he is nominated last of these 3 he would go up to $36-$38) • As mentioned, after those 3 there is a big gap of pitchers that were kept. What's left is... - Snell - Greinke - Glasgow - Lynn - Lamet - Wheeler - Musgrove - Morton - Carrasco - Gray - Gausman - Heaney - Lopez
  10. Pearson with a groin injury and may start season in minors. Hayes has continued to rake in spring as he did last season. Hayes all the way
  11. 10 team Auction keeper league. $260. Standard 6x6 roto (5 SP slots to fill) All Keepers have been declared and Bieber, Scherzer and Bauer are left on the board, with huge drop to the next tier (Snell, grienke, glasnow tier) i kept Darvish ($5) and Burnes ($5). Would you go after one of those three (at most likely inflated prices)? If so, which one would you target?
  12. Have read this entire thread and so many of the takes in here were hilarious. Been a die hard Cavs fan for many many years and follow them very closely (probably unhealthily close considering they aren't very good... yet). I laughed at all of the “what are the Cavs gonna do with all these centers? Stupid trade. Stupid organization” takes. I get it, we’re not very good but we’re rebuilding. The Allen trade is one of the best deals this organization has ever made and aligns with the age of the core pieces that can hopefully grow together. The Cavs FO had coveted Allen for a few years. Drumm
  13. He finally came back... I dealt him Moncada for Hiura. I Like the deal because of the 3 thirdbaseman i couldnt keep all of them. I finally offered Bohm, which was who he wanted initially and I was holding hard on him for $1. Surprised he switched back to Moncada. I actually like Hayes the most. But now I can keep Hayes and Bohm for $6 total. These are guys at the bottom of my keeper list. So Im ok with the lottery ticket approach.
  14. Thanks Hootie. The problem is my league mates tend to overspend and keep the high priced players. That has been the trend the last few years at least. My fear is that I will have TOO much money to spend and no one to spend it on... or overpaying for mid tier guys.
  15. I would try to get Bieber for sure... but I would approach it more conservatively than offering all three at once. Offer one for him first. If no, throw in a second guy. Then if you have to, throw in the third guy, I guess (not a fan of that but if you really want Bieber...). Negotiating tactics. Limit how much stronger you make your opponents is what I try to do. Even though you can't keep all of them, you will have an opportunity to get them back if you throw them back in the draft.
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