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  1. How many teams? H2h points? Daily lock? Or weekly lock semperfi@mailfence.com
  2. How many teams? Can you send a link to the league settings? semperfi@mailfence.com
  3. Send me an invitation I sent you a message earlier about joining one of your leagues thanks Darkseid Omega if it is available
  4. team 2 can you send a link to the rules etc thanks russhansen0311@yahoo.com
  5. any teams still available? russhansen0311@yahoo.com
  6. open it up to new mgrskeep a max of 6 playersbut let us drop players that hurt/or we don't likeso if a mgr keeps only two players then he gets the 3,4,5,6 pickrandomize the draft
  7. waiver wire you can't drop anybody? or there is no waiting time to drop and pick up a player thanks
  8. I would be interested but the league settings say that there is no limit on pitching starts per week? that would be BAD. Managers can game the system and have 15 20 pitchers going in a week?! why not limit the starts per week to 12 only marine6870@gmail.com
  9. you sent me an invite but no link marine6870@gmail.com do you have to keep 6?
  10. I am interested in "Flying Zombies" or "Swinging Strike" thanks Russ marine6870@gmail.com
  11. I am interested in: No Glove No Love thanks marine6870@gmail.com or any team thanks
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