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  1. Lol right? Imagine what belichick can do with this team
  2. He literally carried this team to the playoffs #darealMVP dont @ me
  3. Just the volume. He would get like 5 carries in a game at times beginning of the season
  4. In your most important league, what did you place in? What did you learn? And what are you going to do different next year??
  5. Thielen back. I think Boone will be a bust and it becomes a shootout
  6. 6ft and 233. Ok ima roll with blasingame if Henry is out
  7. I think it’ll be a very close game as well. Thanks man and goodluck on your matchup. Happy holidays!
  8. So Dawkins or Dion? Now that Derrick is questionable? Wow 3Ds🤔
  9. You don’t think the pats are trying to get a bye week to get their offense ready for the playoffs? lol Jules 10+ catch today, talk to you in a couple hours 😁
  10. He’s been on the injury report and questionable every week since the season started. Pats didn’t really need him much last game against the Bengals. I’m starting him with confidence in this huge matchup against the bills.
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