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  1. the time is to sell this man. The hype will get you!!!
  2. I don't apologize folks. He let me down as well. Im glad they lost with him doing that on the one yard line. It shows why you should just score the td, because they should have known their defense sucks. take what you can get. Then he decides he is Houdini. He looked electric during the game, but Gruden had other ideas.
  3. Fire him up with confidence. Man is only 93 yards short of 1k, John Gruden is going to give him that mark inch by inch. That line is going to tear everyone around them for that inch. Touchdowns are up and catches up. Not starting him will make the difference between living and dying. Josh Jacobs is willing to die for that inch
  4. Could have a stat line of 6 for 60. I expect the ball to be out quick, so the match up favors Anderson more.
  5. Anyone else have a bottle of Korbel to pop for this weekend.
  6. wasn't as impressed with his outcome. 15.1 points in ppr was great and all, but felt against the Jags he should have had at least 5 ypc
  7. DOnt both teams play at 1 p.m next week though. If Reid is going to rest anyone it is going to be against the chargers if they end up locking up the number 1 seed.
  8. I hope JT is training as hard as Rocky didn't while in Russia.
  9. AJ Green injuries with limited production throughout the year.
  10. [...] JT is potentially the league winner we have been talking about since Marlon Mack went down. When he gets volume he gets double digit points. What more can we ask for other than a 30 point bomb again.
  11. They will save him for their final 3 weeks. They have a short turnaround and would expect him to suit up fresh and health against the chargers on TNF.
  12. who is falling victim to firing him up. Reich gives the ball to Wilkins heavily this game.
  13. Jalen is just going to be a ball hog or push the ball down field. I would be shocked if Miles had more than let's say 6 points.
  14. He will have an opportunity to have that shot, especially with them releasing hall.
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