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  1. If his arm holds up, and that a big if with the angels, i can see Canning turning it around. He's gotten a better manager and pitching coach to work with this year. Plus he has the stuff to dominate, 4 above average pitches with good command. Kopech is another name to watch for. Bundy might be a rebound guy, from what i've hard in Spring Training 1.0. His Fb was hitting in the mid 90s constantly.
  2. First of all Trout is planning on playing. he's in Anaheim with the rest of the team getting ready for the season. Second of all he's being careful, he's going to be a father next month, the last thing he wants, is for him to come in contact with Covid 19. Unless something dramatic happens, I expect trout to play, but i do not expect him to play all 60 games, he could play 40 or 50 games.
  3. Seems to me that Marsh has been one of the underrated prospects this year. He came in today with a slash line of: .287/.378/.414/.792. his number's are compare or a bit better to a guy like Krilloff.
  4. LAA prospect Kyle Bradish Last years 4th round pick, he's 22 but having solid start in A+. 2.11 Era. 2.61 FIP, 2.99 Xfip with a 11 % K rate and walks are a bit high 4%. So far 38.1 innings, 27 hits, 48 Ks and 18 BB with only 5 xbh allowed.
  5. He was gassed at the end, still needs to buildup the pitch count but adrenaline did have a factor. Most he has thrown in AAA outside of that extended start (90 pitches) was 78. Overall he looked great, fastball 93-96 first 4 innings, felt like the slider improved as the game went on, curve was solid, had difficulties his Change but only threw a few.
  6. 6 shutout inning today, dropping the Era down to .056. May be time for him to get a call up.
  7. Don't know if this was mentioned or not, but another name to consider is the Angels Chris Rodriguez. He's making his second start after missing last year, he was consider the 2nd best pitching prospect behind Ohtani before the injury, First start he looked solid; 93-95 with FB and did hit up to 97, threw everything with good bite, he's a four pitch pitcher each pitch is at least above average to plus. A name to watch, could move up quick if everything clicks.
  8. Yeah, his slider wasn't as good as i though it would be, But i think that was just due to not having command of it. But it did flash strike-out potential. I've only seen him pitch a few time and watched a few videos, and from what i can see his true strike-out pitches are his Fastball up in the zone and than the Curve.
  9. He looked really good last night. Fb velocity 93-95 with movement, best thing about it was that Velocity was maintained, threw alot of 95, a few 94 and once in a while down to 93. Slider was off and on, issue was his command of it. Overall the command was a bit off, but for the Fb i think it was due to the movement, he had some really late movement on it, which led to the weak contact. Didn't really see that many Curves and Change's but quite a bit of the slider, which at times looked like a cutter, while other time looks like a slider, a few curves and changes that looked good.
  10. So whats the upside with this Guy? I've read reports of him being a solid 2 to a 4, with most saying he'll be a 3. Dude has a 60 grade Fb that averaged around 94-95 last year, with solid off speeds including a 60 grade curve and change-up that has gotten mixed results. Some have said its a 60 grade while other don't think so, plus he has a solid slider. A rare and solid four pitch guy could be seeing a call-up this season.
  11. Don't know how credible this source is:
  12. Health is the real big question, if we are healthy i can see us being a wildcard team. Personally i think Harvey and Canning are going to be the dark horse, with our Bp. Not expecting Harvey to be a number 1, but i hopefully see him making 25-30 starts with a ERA around 3.75-3.90. and the same with Canning. Now the Bp has some potential with the power stuff, We could have Robles-Anderson-Buttery- Allen, while Middlton and Jc will be back and than Meyer if healthy, will be in a Bp role.
  13. If the angels can stay healthy, and the system can get enough major league talent up to the show ( Canning, Adell, Jones/Marsh..etc) and be a playoff team, I think it will come down to a family decision on whether he stay or leaves.
  14. with his stuff improving last year and his curve being at least an above average pitch, what's his ceiling? a 3 or still a 4.
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