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  1. That is way too low, I don’t think he is injury prone despite his lack of size. I think he will have a monsteryear, very bullish on his chances. WR1 on one of the highest scoring offenses in the league and fully recovered? Yes, please. I know they don’t pass a ton but still. I would only take take Lamb ahead of him and not even sure I would do that. He has already proven he belongs.
  2. Do we know how Cam is in pass protection? As I understand he is a very raw RB and if he doesn’t deliver in pass protection I don’t see why Brown/Henderson wouldn’t be in play especially early in the season. And this is without taking the pandemic and probably limited practices into consideration.
  3. I could see him in a Blount role spelling Kerryon now and then and getting GL looks but overall I see Kerryon as the better back. As a Kerryon (and Bo owner) I worry more about Kerryon’s durability. Bo has had durability issues as well.
  4. Is Ty Jackson completely out of the picture? Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he got carries considering how unpredictable the Lions RB situation has been. Signed That guy who is starting Bo AND McKissic
  5. So much this. signed every DJ owner last season
  6. I have Chubb in a tier above Conner. Not confident by the usage of Conner either. Owned him last season and remember Switzer being in the backfield a lot at times instead of Conner when the Steelers went all in on passing. Talent wise I prefer Chubb as well.
  7. He did play but late in the fourth quarter. Didn’t watch it myself but he didn’t seem to get many opportunities. He is probably fourth on the depth chart behind Ellington currently.
  8. Thanks. I agree this is the common perception of Cooper’s game. What I am interested in is his drop numbers from 2018 since his catch percentage improved drastically in 2018.
  9. How does the drop list look like last season? I would expect some correlation with catch percentage at least which would indicate Cooper did good. I owned him last season and didn’t notice drops.
  10. 70% catch rate last year, but I guess the key word here is HAD. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/C/CoopAm00.htm Otherwise I agree that Cooper is streaky but not to a point where I wouldn’t draft him. Just pair him with some more consistent producers to even it out.
  11. I’m not very high on DJ if his price tag is RB5. Much rather roll the dice on someone like Mixon/Gurley/Chubb but would probably go WR if I am picking in the middle of the first round and the top-4 RBs are gone. Too many unknowns right now with Murray and Kingsbury. Although I agree that his play last season was very much due to inept playcalling people seem to forget he played the entire season making it “easier” to finish as a tier 1 RB. If you look at averages he was a mid-RB2 (PPR) instead of low-end RB1. Hard to not see him do better than last season but he is more RB9 than RB5 to me. The
  12. All those players are relevant in my 12 team league and currently being rostered.
  13. I think Hamilton is a solid but unspectacular PPR play depending on the availability of Sanders. If Sanders starts week 1 (my expectation) I don’t think Hamilton will be involved much. There will be a lot of competition in targets not only from the other WRs but also from the RBs and TEs on a team poised to lean on the run. Last season Hamilton benefitted greatly from Keenum’s short passes while Sutton suffered from the lack of a real deep passing game. Flacco’s style is a much better fit for a type like Sutton IMO. So the situation for Hamilton is not great although Sanders availability could
  14. Not a fan of Patricia but he seems committed to KJ. In the end it is just guesswork.
  15. In that case DJ at RB9 makes little sense. Kingsbury might turn things around but that team lacks talent big time. At least KJ is on a team with a decent OL and a HC who wants to run the ball. There’s more competition for touches for sure but Blount is a FA and Riddick could be released. I expect them to bring in someone like Ingram but if the consensus that KJ is RB30 I will be having lots of KJ shares next season. I value him around RB15.
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