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  1. I would put Mahomes right after the big 4 RB's (Big 3 until Zek stops holding out). I think Watson is a 1st rounder too. It really depends on the league size and how much the other owners push up QB. It's never a bad thing to wait back and feel out the league. Say you go RB in the first and 4-5 QB's get drafted, then I would def draft a QB in the 2nd and try to end the draft with at least 3 good QB's.
  2. Don't overthink the draft and have a specific strategy going in (ie: zero WR/RB). Take the best player available, regardless of position, for at least the first 3 rounds. In auction drafts, try to have an idea of what the top players should go for and buy a guy early if you see value. Otherwise, it's smart to wait 10-15 picks and see where the values are established at. And for people that have wrote off all experts, they must be listening to the wrong shows or reading the wrong articles. There are a handful of good experts out there (no, not Berry). They have insider info on camp
  3. Marlon Macks last 11 games of 2018 (once he came back healthy) likely put him in the top 10 of RB's during that time. I'm sure someone that can look up stats better then me can tell us exactly but he put up 1000 yards total and 10 td's in those 11 games. In 5 of those games he had poor rushing yards but scored td's in two of them. Two were against a tough Jax run defense, and one was his first game back from injury. The common theme in those games was a lack of rushing attempts. And who is taking this guy as their RB1? Maybe with a zero RB strategy but this guy is an upside RB2 all
  4. How did he perform in the second half of last year when he was healthy? No one is going to confuse Mack for Gurley or Zek but he is the clear lead back, will be running behind a great oline, in a very good offense. Hines will get his catches but he did last year too and Mack still produced in the 2nd half. If Mack stays healthy he will put up RB1 numbers.
  5. He is in the top tier of WR's (towards the end). I don't think Evan's will slip through and be a value in auction drafts. Much more likely, the Cooks/Amari tier could see some value after most teams have spent big on the first ~30 nominations.
  6. Do people still listen to Berry and use ESPN rankings/research??? And on the flip side, to completely write off experts as hacks is absurd too. If you do some research there are some in the industry that are connected and will get inside information. Others that use analytics very well to put together rankings (historic positional risk, regression, etc)
  7. Do you know anything about the Packer WR's? To avoid a potential top 20 WR for cheap because Rodgers has complimented Trevor Davis and Kumerow just seems like lazy research (or no research at all). MVS has size and speed. He consistently got behind defenses and was missed on multiple occasions. IMO, he has the best potential to lock down the #2 job. Allison and EQ are the other two WR's that have good opportunities to perform. Allison showed to be a reliable security blanket last year before he got hurt and EQ flashed his speed at times last year. Allison is probably best in the sl
  8. I targeted him late in my dynasty startup (20 man benches) purely as a lotto ticket. IMO the biggest positive is the lack of competition he has in front of him. Most late round rookie runnings backs need an injury or two to get a shot. Anderson could start getting carries just by playing better then Jones and Barber.
  9. What about the Eagles backfield under Pederson would make anyone think that Sanders will get a majority of the carries!? Even if Sanders beats out Howard (highly unlikely to start the year) he will be part of a timeshare. The Eagles backfield has been spreading out touches for the last couple years.
  10. After watching Williams last year I am a believer in his talent. Obviously he was a high draft pick with a great college career. The only thing holding him back last year was a lack of targets. With another year playing in the offense, earning Rivers trust, and Tyrell gone... I see no reason why Williams couldn't put big numbers this year. I'm seeing him ranked around the 25th WR in dynasty which seems like a great value.
  11. They don't hand done suspensions when it's convenient for the teams or fantasy football players. The suspension will come when the investigation is complete. The NFL has likely learned it's lesson from past failures on handing down light suspensions before all the details come out (Ray Rice, Josh Brown)
  12. I think it's somewhat gray too but I take it for exactly what it's saying. Broken tackles is literally breaking a tackle. Evading a tackle is not allowing a defender that has the opportunity to tackle you to even touch you. Seems pretty subjective based on the stat keeper. What if a defender barely touches his arm as he runs past... is it a broken tackle or did he evade him?
  13. You keep commenting on these stats as if they prove your point that he isn't shifty/elusive but the stats actually show the exact opposite. You do realize that right? He started 6 games last year, in those 6 games he was very good at evading tackles and creating his own yards. Trying to use a stat that measures season totals and comparing his 4 reg season starts against RB's that started most of the season makes zero sense. "Damian Williams ranked 77th in rushing last year with only 256 yards, the guy isn't even a good runner."
  14. There is no justification for a take like that. It's not backed up by anything on the football field.
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