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  1. I replied to the email, I'm looking for more interaction between owners than a draft and hold league. But thanks for the consideration.
  2. not quite deep enough, thanks for the offer though
  3. can you send info to jdhoovie@gmail.com
  4. you still have that team avail?
  5. Looking for a re-draft league. I'm in plenty of keeper / dynasty type formats. Anyone know of one with any openings?
  6. Do you still have that opening in the re-draft league?

    1. Fantasyguru21


       Be careful about accepting this person.   Joins a league and then opines changes so league is more to his ideas.  A wanna be Commish without doing the work.  Owner beware  

  7. Interested in a re-draft league as well, jdhoovie@gmail.com
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