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  1. Have to like this list since I have Franco, Jrod, Gore, Robert, Kelenic and Luciano in my keeper league.
  2. I am hoping Jasson slides to me in my minors draft and think he has all the potential in the world but how do you put a guy 8th who has never seen live pitching? That is just guessing.
  3. Please let him end up at 2b. I understand that in the real world a SS is more valuable because he can always slide over but man is SS stacked for fantasy.
  4. https://www.baseballprospectus.com/news/article/56751/the-top-101-dynasty-prospects-for-2020/ BP's dynasty list
  5. Think they might be high man on Graterol as well at #32
  6. For us fantasy peeps I find the Dynasty version much more useful.
  7. Would you trade Snell for Vlad in a dynasty league with obp?
  8. wonder if he gets a chance to start next year
  9. Maybe but he had him ranked 3rd to start the season. I don't think BA, BP, Fangraphs, MLB had him that high that early.
  10. For me you have to use the lists based on who is doing the rankings. Some lists won't rank pitchers or catchers. Some lists speculate on young guys who haven't even hit in rookie ball. They all have their bias and purpose and you have to account for that. When Law says someone is special it immediately gets my attention especially when it is a pitcher. May being a recent example.
  11. Law isn't ranking for dynasty he is ranking for baseball
  12. so he waited to rank him until there was actual info on him instead of speculating based on info about a 16 year old
  13. And most of those people had him in their top 100 purely based on second hand info and signing bonus
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