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  1. New ESPN league forming now. only utility positions on offense, so you can draft and have anyone you want! Pitching spots are just "P" same thing put who you want there. Would like to make is a keeper pay league but for now just seeing if anyone wants to join.
  2. hey am i in this league? I'm in a few of yours already... sign me up if not mthurlow1982@yahoo
  3. will you send me the settings mthurlow1982@yahoo
  4. shoot me an email. also, I'm in two of your leagues already this would be possibly 3. let me know what else you got brewing. mthurlow1982@yahoo.com
  5. ill take an invite if you still have available? mthurlow1982@yahoo.com
  6. $40 buy in, prospects to be kept if wanted. Keep up to 20 players. Draft pick trading as well. ESPN League.
  7. mthurlow1982@yahoo.com I will take a team if available.
  8. Send me an invite would be interested. mthurlow1982@yahoo.com
  9. Looking for an owner in our dynasty league. Ours is espn if that works..... mthurlow1982@yahoo.com If interested I can send you more details. Thank you
  10. Looking for active owner to take over team in keeper league. Great league, lots of smack talk banter too. Trades galore as well. Please respond if interested or email me at mthurlow1982@yahoo.com Thank you Michael
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