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  1. Looking for active players for the Leaue of Extraordinary Gentlemen. $30 entry due on league safe. TE get a .5 PPR bonus. email me quint_s@yahoo.com or https://sleeper.app/i/LLBzkW9dZe7O
  2. I could be interested message me the link quint_s@yahoo.com
  3. Need 1 more. Pick # 9 available https://sleeper.app/i/YMX6Y1Z7PoPj
  4. Hello, Looking to get our draft underway. we have a 12 team IDP superflex tight end premium league for $20 dollars. If you can pay $20 dollars right now on league safe. We will award you the number one pick and begin this thing. Email me @quint_s@yahoo.com
  5. Need one more! if you are ready to pay in right now we can get to drafting. You will have the #1 overall pick in the inaugural draft! email me @quint_s@yahoo.com if interested.
  6. Hello. We are currently ready to draft and are looking for a replacement for a inactive members. You will have the 6th overall pick in the inaugural draft. Rookie draft will be set in reverse order of the inaugural draft. Supeflex Standard scoring with IDP and TE premium. .5 for rbs ppr. 1 point ppr for wr, and 1.5 ppr for Te $20 Payment die on league safe. https://sleeper.app/i/YMX6Y1Z7PoPj https://leaguesafe.com/join/3925751 we are waiting for your arrival to draft. Come on in say hi in chat and let’s go!
  7. Hello, Paging all active team managers who are as obsessed with dynasty football as myself. $20 buy in on sleeper, year long trading, inaugural snake draft to occur shortly! Looking for 3 more teams. I’m committed to providing the best user experience in my league. You give me your dedication and effort and I’ll give you a well run drama free league. If interested email quint_s@yahoo.com Hey, join my fantasy football league on Sleeper https://sleeper.app/i/YMX6Y1Z7PoPj
  8. Glad to have you Clark quint_s@yahoo.com league filling up fast only 3 spots left till we can draft
  9. https://sleeper.app/i/YMX6Y1Z7PoPj Looking for active members for a dynasty start up. 12 Team IDP Tight End Premium. League Fees will be held on Leaguesafe $20 Dollar Entry email quint_s@yahoo.commif interested
  10. https://sleeper.app/i/YMX6Y1Z7PoPj if ya still interested in one
  11. Hello, I am the Commissioner of TD's and Beer hosted on Sleeper. We are looking for 12 Teams who are committed, active, and respectful. We trade year round and encourage active communication with league members. I'd like 18+ members only please. Information is Below: Number of Teams 12 Roster 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX (W/R/T), 1 K, 2 DL, 3 LB, 4 DB, 2 FLEX (IDP), 11 BN Playoffs 6 teams, starts week 14 Waiver Type Rolling Waivers Clear Waivers Tuesday - Waivers will clear after Tuesday Waiver Time
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