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  1. I feel you my guy. I have playoffs next week and Victor Oladipo staring at me on the waivers. Idk what to do 😥
  2. Is he back? Do I drop Malik Beasley for him? Who has more upside?
  3. Do you guys think he actually starts the rest of the season?
  4. is it safe to drop this guy lol? I have Elfrid Payton staring at me on the waivers
  5. I think he's going to kill after the all star break. Super efficient game by him today!! 😏
  6. thats 2 decent games for in a row.. Wait until he gets 30+ minutes
  7. This kid is special. The real question is: Do I drop derrick rose for him?
  8. Should I drop him and pick up Collin Sexton???
  9. Its hard to establish a rhythm when you're constantly getting pulled out of the game. The shots were there, he's still rusty. He'll tear it up once he gets 30+ minutes.
  10. I hope not. Jerami Grant is such a better player than this guy.
  11. such a clutch 3! HE IS BACK LADIES AND GENTLEMAN
  12. 14 points in the first quarter. He's looking great against a tough Toronto team
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