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  1. Tyler Johnson or Kevin Huerter ROS? 9 category league H2H
  2. Only other people I could drop are Hayward or Mikal Bridges.
  3. Shia-Gilgeous Alexander has a game tomorrow and 4 games next week. Should I drop Kevin Huerter for him? 9cat league
  4. I need to send two to clear space. And those are my options. I have justise Winslow as well.
  5. I’m stuck on offering a trade of KAT+ either Sabonis, Hayward Or Eric Gordon for Lillard and Nurkic in H2H 9cat league. What does everyone think? I feel like I get value if I can swoop Lillard and nurkic, but it is Towns who’s been a beast.
  6. Tough, but I’d stay away from kawhi because of rest days. Im a KAT owner, would you trade him/ Sabonis for Lillard and Nurkic?
  7. Don’t think you can get PG13, might have trouble getting any of those guys. But I’d definitely do PG13. Maybe gobert, but you lose value. So have a replacement ready
  8. Ingles or Bog. If you have an already weak playoff schedule, then I’d drop isaac. He has a 2 game week. Not ideal
  9. No, Davis is insane when he plays. You could trade for two Blake griffinesk players if you want to let him go.
  10. Kleber. Powell zubac Dudes going to get massive minutes at the 4 and 5, and most likely some more shots with Barnes out of the mix. He is candidate for a 1/1/1 guy.
  11. Bryant and then Powell. Portis might hurt Bryant a little bit, and Powell should be locked in for 20-25 minutes a night
  12. What do you guys think about KAT/Sabonis for Lillard and Nurkic 9 cat league? my team G: Derrick white, Justis Winslow, Huerter, Klay Thompson, Bradley Bea, Hayward F: Sabonis, Kleber, Prince C: KAT, Gobert, Brolo
  13. My other option is to try and trade KAT/Sabonis for Lillard and Nurkic.
  14. What do you guys think about KAT/Sabonis for Lillard/Nurkic? 9cat H2H.
  15. So ya think it’s worth it even with the playoff schedule?
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