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  1. I own Kat, Jrue, VanVleet, Beal. I understand the pain.
  2. Yeah he rejected this offer. I decided to switch it to Whiteside for Siakam, much less uncertainty for me. We'll see if he accepts
  3. Absolutely, I'd take both if you have space, but take whichever one fits your build better if you don't.
  4. If you can take the injury I would personally trade for Isaac. Otherwise I'd just stick with Markkanen if you're lower in the standings.\ https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/797777-whiteside-ibaka-for-curry-siakam-whir/
  5. Yeah I would take Favors over Allen
  6. Im in a 10 T H2H Points League and I'm thinking of offering my Whiteside and Ibaka to the worst player in the league for Curry and Siakam. Would you say that's too low or high of an offer for those players? I'm expecting Steph to come back early February and Siakam will be back relatively soon and I know this player is desperate for points right now.
  7. I am in 10 team H2H Points League. I want to send Jrue for Brogdon + Markannen. Brogdon is coming back soon, and I feel like Markannen can only get better, especially in points league.
  8. I don't have Danuel House anymore, he's a bum
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