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  1. Was hoping it would be earlier, thanks anyways!
  2. 28 man rosters with 6 man bench, 6 x 6 head to head categories, 12 teams. $10 League Entry 1st place $70, 2nd place $35, 3rd place $15 Check out the link below for more details, slow draft starting March 12, join and lets have some fun! https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=vqfewwepjshl4erc&isSubmit=y
  3. 12 team head-to-head categories league, 28 man rosters. Fantrax treasurer $10 entry fee - 1st place $70, 2nd place $35, 3rd place $15. Looking for committed owners who want to have some fun! Write your email and I'll send you the invite or click the link below https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=vqfewwepjshl4erc&isSubmit=y
  4. Or click the link to go to the league https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=vqfewwepjshl4erc&isSubmit=y
  5. 12 team head to head category league, 28 man roster with 6 on the bench. $260 FAAB budget with $0 bids. Slow draft starting March 12th, 3hr time limit. $10 league fee paid through Fantrax League Safe Treasurer. 1st place $70, 2nd place $35, 3rd place $15 Comment your email address and I'll send you the invite!
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