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  1. What kinda league are you in that you got Giannis, Kat, and Dame? What the hell lol
  2. Turn the 5-4 into a 6-3. Whiteside really a matchup changer. Mans 2K rating better be way up this year.
  3. There actually was another thread but anyways, hoping he continues his play. I am shocked how well hes been playing considering Denver's depth, holding until he gets injured or falls off lol, hes putting up great value and I got him from the WW.
  4. Hoping he plays Wednesday. Honestly just need his 10+ppg and 5+ apg and some stocks here and there - he can shoot 40% from the field and free throw for all I care, just need them assists/stocks man...
  5. Dropped - was rooting for the big rook but he basically lost me my last week matchup. Picked up Markelle, streaming this spot anyways. Will keep a close eye on him and see if he gets back to 30 mpg later in the season and/or if they get rid of some high usage players, unlikely.
  6. "I pray for Markelle cause they fcked up his shot..." - picked him up, lets go!!! Gotta show them why you were the #1 pick!
  7. oh yeah, I actually think thats another reason to put Drummond at the top of the list of Centers in the league. I don't think any true Center should be posted outside at the 3pt line, they should be in the paint at all times, putting in that work.
  8. Learn to read - I said "WCS should be getting these minutes also" as in, WCS shouldnt be playing only 16, 21, 17, and 12 minutes while someone like Paschall, a second round rookie is getting 40 25, 20, and 38 in last 4 games. You aren't a smart one, are ya? 🤣
  9. Lets see if he keeps above 15ppg rest of season - I guarantee he wont. Also, with Steph/Draymond out, he is benefitting. He is a 2nd round pick rookie... who has taken 19 and 18 shots last game. Warriors have no depth which contribute to his high usage, which ultimately leads to increased stats.
  10. I agree - some people are just never happy. I drafted him for his high fg%, some points, rebounds, and assists. The fact he is avging more than double his SPG is just icing - hope he keeps this up as he and drummond are going off for my stocks.
  11. Whiteside just needs to stay healthy and he will feast. I'd be happy with 10/10 and 1+ bpg per game even seriously lol
  12. Usage will be there but he scores cause no team will play lock up defense every game throughout the regular season. He is benefiting from GS's lack of depth, wouldn't expect him to average more than 15+ ppg rest of season and his lack of rebounds (avging 4.4) is terrible for a big man - WCS should be getting these minutes also. But can't argue for a waiver wire pickup.
  13. I've been sticking with Dre for the 3 team's I've ever played fantasy in. Year 1 - Won league out of 10, Year 2 - Second place, and Year 3 - Currently second. I was so happy I could get him with the 15th overall pick (2nd round) this year. He is the reason my build works. I honestly think hes the best Center in the league. You can say KAT or Embiid, but hes my idea of a true big man Center. I dont need my center being outside the paint and going for 3's.
  14. I feel like they want to limit him potentially just to keep his value down so they can resign him for the low. I understand they are looking to develop Paschall or whatever but WCS is undeniably the Center they should develop/keep long term. I just hope they give him 25+ minutes a game ROS. I am honestly ok with him even as of right now, being my 4th Center..
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