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  1. Last two games were exceptionally good, obv not sustainable but I guess he earned his spot in the rotation and should get 25-28min per game even when everybody is healthy.
  2. I’ll give it a shot... not too excited though
  3. Another solid game so far, maybe something to see here??!!
  4. Wow really don’t know what to do with him. He played so solid in the last few weeks but with OG coming back soon I just don’t see how it will work out with all of them healthy. Yesterday when the Drummond news dropped that Toronto is in talks with Cleveland I immediately thought that Norman has to be a part of that deal, he would make a great fit in Cleveland imo.
  5. What do we think of him now with the AD news? He probably has to play 30-35min a game for at least a couple weeks, hopefully he’s gonna crush it. LeBron can’t do it all alone after all.
  6. Probably limited minutes but in my points league he managed some good stats despite that. Glad he’s back!
  7. It’s fine as long as he gets his playing time. Maybe they just showcase him and try to seek a trade. Until something changes I think he can be a good contributor from the wire
  8. Any news on him when he could be back?
  9. Mo Wagner moved into the starting 5 although Len and Lopez are healthy. Could see some increased run.
  10. There’s probably a better timetable after the ASG, I think he’ll be ready by the end of March.
  11. He will be out at least 4-6 weeks, damn
  12. He’ll be fine... Dieng is the one who will take a (huge) hit.
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