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  1. What happened in the 2nd half? Did Bradley get most of the run or did Boston just adapt? anyway great box score, def. Whiteside vibes ❤️
  2. Immediate starter and 22 points in 36min. He will be fine in Portland 👌🏻
  3. Chuma Okeke will be the starting PF and be a lock for 30+ min. He won’t be as good as yesterday all the time but for sure he gets his shots and could be a great contributor down the stretch
  4. I’m giving it a shot. There are no better options on my WW after this boring deadline.
  5. Wall is not bothering me. He won’t affect him so much since he won’t play until the end anyway
  6. Could’ve been better, but why would they limit his minutes and give some bum playing time when he clearly has a huge talent?!
  7. Not a single word on Dipo in the last hours. Damn that’s an absolute huge disappointment
  8. Well with the draft its different obviously because you don't know who the other team is picking in front of you. But like the Raptors know they wanna move Kyle and now the time runs out for them to get something solid in return.
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