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  1. 3 spots are open in a 10 team ESPN H2H standard points league. $20 buy-in through leaguesafe with 1st place getting $140 and runner-up getting $60. The draft with be an offline slow draft for convenience using a groupme chat. Reply with any questions or drop your name and email if your'e interested in joining!
  2. Sorry for the delay. I'll send you the invite so you can also look over the league settings!
  3. sent. look at the league settings to make sure you're cool with it
  4. sent you an invite. Look over the league setting to make sure you're all in!
  5. Looking for 3 owners for a redraft 12 team H2H points league on ESPN. Standard rules with minor modifications. $20 buy-in through leaguesafe.com. The draft will probably be a slow draft through our groupme chat. Reply if you're interested!
  6. I've got a 12 team league needing one spot left with H2H points scoring. There will also be a $20 buy-in using leaguesafe for those interested in a competitive league. The scoring is pretty much standard with a few modifications. We are also thinking of doing a Slow Draft for the convenience of everyone in the league. I'm leaving the direct invite link as we are trying to fill this league asap. First come first served. Just comment below if you get it. Thanks! http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/join?leagueId=67839599&inviteId=b1084476-0ec9-4104-9595-0900ce7a87da
  7. Still waiting for one more!!! Sent out invites but no one has joined. First come first served
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