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  1. See troy tulowitski this past off-season where the team ate 30+ mil
  2. Still feel as strongly about this? 😂😂😂 >.200 on the season and only justifying his roster spot with defense which should take a step back with an injured toe
  3. Caught a stiff neck turning his head and looking up at the bombs Matz was serving up. Don't think it's serious but it's the mets lol
  4. Been a pretty rough stretch and just struck out with the tying run on third to end the game.. I know it's early but I thought he'd be better than this
  5. Also appeared to pull up lame after a rally killing dp
  6. things gonna change eventually.. dozier will be dfa soon enough and martinez will realize his job is on the line and start managing like it
  7. National league game he'll get an ab somwhere along the way, hopefully as a ph in a big spot
  8. gotta be just a bad slump.. a .400 obp isnt a fluke I'll ride it out but i might leave him on the bench while i ride it out cuz its getting ugly
  9. Back to topic.. Looks like he's being pushed back to the home opener Tuesday, off days make next week a one start week also.
  10. Not sure why he got pulled in after the fifth had already got through the hard part of the line up too. Managers these days smh
  11. Took a chance on him last year and was burned. No interest in him this year. Other than two big second halves 2 and 3 years ago he hasn't done much. He's older now and switching leagues, not much there to indicate any sort of potential bounce back.
  12. I still think it's early but I'm tired growing pessimistic. I think the players are tired of Joe Maddon and his over managing. I think if CE was the best option he has available in that spot last nightyou leave your sp in there.
  13. I liked him going into the season and enjoyed his early production. They bat him 6th or 7th but with the way he's producing I gotta imagine they bump him up. Not a lot of buzz on him in the off-season and during his free agency, it seemed like teams didn't really see value with him which was a red flag for me. I think now those value concerns teams had were defense related. I like his positional flexibility too; 2B, SS, & 3B in yahoo.
  14. Pulled up lame after a double and was taken out just now. Let's hope he's alright
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