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  1. With Emmanuel Sanders’ outlook not looking great, Sutton will likely be the #1 option in Joe Flacco’s offense. He had a portion of the 2018 season as the number one, with Keenum throwing him the ball. Are things looking up with the new QB, and new system?
  2. Interesting - definitely possible for thats the case. They did virtually the same with Bell. I hope they trade him though. I don’t want all the fantasy drama they had with Bell all season to happen again. At least with Brown the team acquiring him knows they don’t have to attempt to resign him as he’s locked in through 2022 (?). This might make him more valuable in the market than Bell was, and make them more inclined to move him this offseason. It looks like the big date on his contract for various hits and bonuses is 3/17. Hopefully this will make sure they have thin
  3. I can taste the puke in my mouth.
  4. How are we feeling if he replaces Marshawn in Oakland, or Ajayi in Philly? Talent wise - he’s got it. With the right scheme and 20 catches in 2018, maybe he can reach the pass volume of a guy like Mixon with better ground skills?
  5. A lot of people are hopeful Braxton Berrios can still fill that slot role. I’m hopeful, but not optimistic there. Renfrow could be a guy we see. A lot lies lies in the balance prior to draft day for the Pats. If Gronk retires, Noah Fan looks like a decent pick. Pats could really could lose both McCourty’s. It also hurts me badly to say this, about Hightower...I wouldn’t be shocked if news came out that he retires at 29 with three rings and a history of injuries. Hopefully the pats can get a couple more years out of him, but even so a good LB wouldn’t hurt.
  6. I don’t see that in my message anywhere, so I’ll clarify. I think chubb will play more games than hunt does in 2019. I think Chubb is just as likely to play 16 as any other RB in this league. I think Hunt has as good a chance as Joseph Addai does to play 16 games in 2019. Do i think that impacts who gets traded, if someone gets traded? Nope. Not sure how you think I thought it did. Feel free to hit me with a DM if you’re still confused about my ideas and thoughts and contributions to discussion. Now back to real talk - Agree w
  7. I agree it’s more likely they’ll trade Hunt. But only 60/40 imo. Hunt has the relationship with Dorsey, which may ultimately have more impact in the decision. Time shall tell.
  8. Just saw this too. Who knows where it’ll end up. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25450892/all-three-incidents-factor-suspension-former-kansas-city-chiefs-rb-kareem-hunt dated article about 2 months ago -
  9. Quick wiki search says it was moved to 6 after the Ray Rice suspension. The only DV case that comes to mind for an NFL player after Rice is Josh Brown. He also got 6 (7 if you include the early game he lost). I’m excluding Mixon and Hill as those were pre-NFL cases. I still think they should follow policy. Drop 6 on Hunt. If he appeals - hold at 6. Edit: Duh. Zeke. 6 games. Keep this consistency here NFL. Please.
  10. Agreed on the PR. But if it was someone like the patriots or saints - they’d get backlash. In terms of trading Chubb - that was my initial thought as well. But if they really do like Hunt, and they can get good value for Chubb, then they can make the trade. It really comes down to Kitchens and Dorsey making the decision on what’s better for their scheme. To me, it’s Chubb. To them, it might be Hunt. There’s no clear cut answer on their plan right now - just possible outlooks. Edit: point being it’s just another low risk option for them.
  11. 10-12 games? Wow. I hadn’t heard that - that hurts trade value for sure, as it’s after the 2019 deadline. Maybe you’re right about the Dorsey/Hunt relationship. They did use an early 2nd round pick on Chubb, and Hunt will have to get paid after 2019. It’s possible Dorsey wants to get Hunt back on his feet after his mistake. There’s a lot going on. I’m excited to see what the Browns do. They really have never done what I’ve expected them to do... Thanks for the civil chat on the range of outcomes here, gents!
  12. I lean before the trade deadline. A lot of it does come down to when the suspension hits, if it’s appealed and how long. But overall, as non-Browns fan, I think they’ve made a savvy move.
  13. They don’t need to showcase his talent to trade him. The league knows he has juice. The reason he wasn’t signed was PR, clearly not cost or talent at this point. If you’re an NFL owner, the Browns are taking the PR nightmare away. By week 8 (if Hunt is reinstated), you could throw a pick to the Browns for an established running back on a cheap contract for a playoff run. If you’re the Browns, Hunt and Chubb don’t have the harmony that Kamara and Ingram’s style have. Not a lot of NFL teams are carrying two backs that feature as a workhorse type guy. The Browns just sol
  14. Chubb owners are finding out about the encroachment of Kareem Hunt into the their “young stud’s backfield.” Hunt is signed on for a one year deal, he’ll then be an RFA after 2019. To me - there’s three outcomes. Let’s assume Hunt is suspended for only 4 games (the most detrimental to Chubb). 1. Hunt resigns with the Browns after 2019 season. Chubb is now in an RBBC and could have very low value. 2. The Browns trade Hunt to another contender, or they decide he’ll be too expensive to keep - Chubb gets his backfield to himself again, and he still has it to start the
  15. Think this makes Chubb a dynasty target for a short time? Owners reacting to this news, thinking his value is going to plummet. A one year deal for Hunt doesn’t write off Chubbs future value after 2019, does it? If Hunt resigns, yeah that hurts Chubb. If Chubb gets traded, that might hurt Chubb. If Hunt gets traded, you bought very low on a solid asset.
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