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  1. Hello, Looking to create a dynasty startup. League constitution is here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C4KD35K7Y2g-1_inWwZ_uwNqoHKvmBLiN08QPPmAuzI/edit?usp=sharing. The basis of the league is Scott White's Dynasty League that I edited for my liking. Basics: H2H categories, weekly lineup changes with FAAB, CBS as the site 20 teams, 2 divisions 6x5 scoring (Avg, OBP, HR, R, SB, RBI ERA, WHIP, K's, QS, SV + HLD (saves worth 2, holds worth 1) Auction draft and salary escalators for keepers $50 buy-in per season, dues paid 2 seasons at a time to keep long-term interest Before I create the league, looking to see if there is enough interest. Also looking for a few people to help run the league (be a part of trade approval committee, help manage farm systems and keep lineups valid) or give feedback on possible pitfalls to the settings. DM me here if you are interested in helping set the league up or if you just wanna be a part.
  2. Looking for a dynasty startup to join. Prefer a weekly league, roto would be good but not a deal breaker. League fee is fine. Let me know if you have availability
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