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  1. With weekly changes and bonus if it uses holds. justintanas@gmail.com
  2. That sounds cool. League details? When are you starting the draft?
  3. Ideally drafting within the next week or two justintanas@gmail.com
  4. Is the league starting fresh or are there already players being kept?
  5. Ideally with an active and friendly group. QS, sv+hld are a plus justintanas@gmail.com
  6. I'd like to join a group who have drafted together for a while and who plan to continue for years to come and need a replacement. Looking for a group that talks via groupme/whatsapp etc. regularly and who are friendly etc. Looking for an auction league, redraft or not. Ideally with settings like sv+hld, ip or qs instead of wins etc. But not a deal breaker. justintanas@gmail.com
  7. Ideally roto scoring and using stats like sv+holds, qs, obp etc instead of standard 5x5, but not deal breakers. justintanas@gmail.com
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