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  1. 16 team. Planning to get doum. My other drops are thad young, wood, garland, burks (since he might get traded)
  2. Man just after I dropped this guy to get ibaka off the waivers smh
  3. Augustin/bacon/thybulle 16 team h2h
  4. 16 team standard h2h Also 2nd and 3rd picks suggestions WHIR
  5. Looks good with an upcoming back to back
  6. G - harden, fox, sato, rjax SF- barton, bogdan, miles bridges PF- Aldridge, griffin, Powell, bjelica C - Boogie, Ayton I'm leaning towards bjelica/ powell/ bogdanovic
  7. I need to drop 1 for a big, possibly RoLo. I'm choosing hayward, barton, bogdan or levert My lineup Fox, rjax, sato Harden, ariza, levert, barton, hayward, bogdanovic Aldridge, blake Ayton, boogie WHIR
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