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  1. Tough to say whether he will be a hold for playoffs. They seem pretty reluctant to play him high minutes, and this is without Allen and Nance back yet. He could end up being an easy shut down candidate for them in the future, but on the other side of things, he has actually been doing pretty well in his limited minutes. What are other people thinking?
  2. Bulls looking real good with him in the starting lineup, granted they played the raptors and Thunder
  3. So sad to see him steadily declining. Dont know what happened to him but definitely didnt deserve to be anywhere close to the all star game with how hes looked the past month
  4. Was just about to say the same thing. Dont know if hes still getting his conditioning back from that covid incident, or maybe it was just the B2B but he looked exhausted out there. Was just moving around trying to do his job but didnt look the same as other nights
  5. Feel like it’s mostly just the potential bc people prolly think he can do a lot more than he is. But maybe not
  6. How’s everyone feeling on Rui, he’s shown some signs of good games but overall shooting pretty bad and not doing a whole lot with the minutes he’s getting
  7. Hope y'all didnt drop because the true Curry is making his comeback
  8. Damn seems like he be might be the most affected player in the league by COVID. Pray he gets better and this doesn’t mess up his whole career since some people have reported really bad long terms symptoms especially to their lungs
  9. Holy cow man got sick and became scared to shoot the ball
  10. Starting to put up some good all around numbers and pick it up. Some stocks, 3’s and rebounds.
  11. Reid is out and they are using him as the backup center this game. It makes sense against Embid who draws so many fouls
  12. Anyone think he can keep the rebounding numbers? Havent watched the games so don’t know if he’s crashing the boards more but if he could average more than 7 rebounds this season, that’d be awesome
  13. Anyone watching the game that can indicate why this man has 7 turnovers😂
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