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  1. Watched Jaden in highschool. Kid could be the next Durant in a few years imo
  2. Hard move to make today but I think the game flow with SGA in doesn't allow Diallo to increase his usage rate. I chose Dort over Diallo here 😢 Then grabbed Willy to replace Adams.
  3. OK I'm calling it. This week he will be a factor! It's the perfect storm with Nurk and CJ out. Only 7% rostered in Yahoo, but Im expecting a solid return for this 4 game week.
  4. I would really like to see this guy stick in the starting rotation.
  5. I'm letting everyone else go after Happ. I like: Christian Walker Gio Urshela Wil Myers Austin Riley Quintana Porcello Céspedes
  6. I think I'm on the Frank train. Kid was nice in Wisconsin too.
  7. They did just lose a huge offensive player. With 1 game back from wild card spot, expect him to play every day moving forward.
  8. I think it is because Baltimore is starting a lefty. Should be good the rest of week.
  9. smh. Ankle sprain's are at least a 2 week thing.
  10. I tried so hard to trade for this guy. Sorry for your lost.
  11. Did they remove the tag? it shows GTD now...
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