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  1. I have a question and it seems this is the most applicable topic thread. Fantasy baseball publications … I purchase several every year. I am wondering which ones fantasy owners prefer? My preference is Rotoworld, Lindy's and I've taken to the Fantasy Guide as it has the best mock draft of all, though the content often needs finer editing as there are frequent typos or repeat information in capsules. Yesterday, however, I came across an issue. I picked up the Rotowire magazine. I typically grab 4-5 every year (the fifth being Streets/Smith fantasy guide, which used to be the Sporting News). Any
  2. I am intrigued by Smith. Like most, I worry about his lack of velocity. That said, other pitchers have been able to overcome that issue. Definitely worth a late-round grab.
  3. I mentioned him on a different post, but it applies here: Reynaldo Lopez. I think he could be a late-round sleeper, rounds 18-20. The kid throws hard (94-96), has four pitches, including a developing slider. He delivered in 9 of his final 11 starts last year, including two starts where he went 7 IP and allowed just one run against the Yankees (twice). He has the prospect pedigree and will be entering his third year. Certainly trending in the right direction. He doesn't have the strikeout rate one would expect from a guy who throws that hard, but I suspect it will bump up. I think Glasnow, Pive
  4. He'll be an interesting name on draft tables. Velocity was down a tick last year and, of course, there's always the DL stint waiting to happen. That said, he could slide to the point where he's a bargain. Frankly, I don't ever see 200 IP out of him. As long as you're drafting him as your No. 2 or your lucky enough to land him as a No. 3, you've done well. Just don't anchor your staff with him. Too many question marks. All told, I'd wait and see where his velocity is in spring, though many pitchers have a lower velocity in spring, so that may not be an accurate measure.
  5. I think this question all depends on the interpretation of "target." Buehler, Flaherty, Realmuto (now that he's in Philly) are pretty obvious players who should continue their upward trend, and guys who will be gone in the first 7-9 rounds. If I am looking at late-round targets, guys who I think could provide value in the latter part of the draft, I'd take a look at Colin McHugh, assuming he is added to the rotation. He could be a late-round steal. Seems Garrett Hampson is pretty popular now, so you may actually have to overdraft to nab him for the steals. One guy I am keeping tabs on is Reyna
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