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  1. Another Ding dong. He has a chance to start next year in the majors.
  2. Depends what you league settings are set at. Could be 5, 10, 15 or 20. Yes, 2022 eligibility based off of 2021.
  3. Currently this year Games at position 29 SS 7 3B 3 2B
  4. Will he be up to start the year next year? Will he get full pt? Starts the season with the big club to start the year? I'm liking this guy but afraid on pt.
  5. Hes with the Olympic team again. I expect him to go to AA after that is over.
  6. 2-5 today with 2 rib eye steak sandwiches
  7. Might be a solid player 😁
  8. Been out last 2 games, any idea why?
  9. Rays have too many players!!! I like this guy, too.
  10. So if he was half way to 2nd on one steal but a MLB catcher would have thrown him out on all 3 steals?
  11. Like to see Mr Wanderful get hotttt!!!!
  12. Why has he sat out 2 games in the last 10 days? Not starting tonight.
  13. I'll all in on the Marte Party!!!
  14. He isn't, I just wanted to see the response.
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