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  1. This guy is my new OBJ replacement. should be interesting to see how they compare to one another on Thursday night
  2. I see what you're saying, I'm just high on Jeudy
  3. Might be better in assistant coach...but since u asked 😉. 10-man dynasty half PPR superflex (2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex). I feel pretty solid at RBs with Kamara, Conner (+Snell), Dobbins and a few other dart throws (Hyde, Mckinnon, Darrel Williams, Henderson). My WRs are actually solid but just looking to cash out on the Gibson hype. Not really sure the Washington Football team can actually turn it around enough to make me want to start any of their RBs, and I'm loving Jeudy for long term potential. Leaguemate said he was already ready to accept the trade
  4. I feel like this guy's value is at an all time high...thinking of trading him +2nd and 3rd round 2021 picks for Jerry Jeudy
  5. If you could somehow combine taylor with another player (not ridley, chark or cook) for a young stud running back (Kenyan Drake, Joe Mixon, Josh Jacobs, Aaron Jones) then I would do that. I think your team is decent but is going to struggle a bit at the RB position unless Mostert hits
  6. I wouldn't do it if there are still QBs available like Brady, Goff, Big Ben, Stafford, Cousins, Garapollo or Phillip Rivers. Basically anyone who isn't a rookie QB but has shown to have a somewhat decent floor / has proved they can put up big games in the past. I don't think Rodgers is going to go off this year and some of the names I mentioned could finish ahead or do just as well.
  7. One of my leaguemates went heavy WR and now is weak at RB, just put Jeudy upon the trade board. We are talking trades and I was thinking of giving him Gibson + a next year 2nd round pick to get Jeudy. My current RBs: Alvin Kamara, James Conner, McKinnon, Hyde, Henderson, Snell, Dobbins, Gibson What do you guys think? I've been hearing great things about Jeudy and I think the Gibson hype is a little out of control. 0.5 PPR superflex
  8. Didn't see anything put up on this guy yet so figured I would start this thread. Mostly interested right now for dynasty purposes, if he does make a big comeback then he should be available off waiver wires for redraft. - Was averaging 50+ yards and 4+ receptions per game in 2019, along with 4 touchdowns. - Started the year at 50% offensive snap percentage, increased to 79 and 89% weeks 4-5. Similar snap percentages and production during 2018 before the injury. - Career average yard per reception of 13.5 (though small sample size due to injury), for reference Kelce is at a ca
  9. Have someone offering me his Love for my Gibson straight up in dynasty and I have no idea what to do lol
  10. Anyone else think Guice is about to be a nice sleeper? Feel like he can be at least a top 20 RB if he stays healthy, maybe even better if Ron Rivera can turn the team around and they play a strong deFensive run game
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