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  1. I really hope Houston trades Oladipo at the deadline. KPJ needs minutes!
  2. He’s starting the game. Let’s see what this kid is made of.
  3. He missed the game before the All Star break, and now he’s gonna miss the next 2 games. Where’s the INJ tag yahoo?
  4. I watched some of his G League highlights and he certainly doesn’t belong there. He’s too good to be in the G League. He won’t be as effective in the NBA for sure but there’s a lot to be excited about. Certainly worth a flier.
  5. I was gonna ask the same question. He had 7 or 8 attempts at the half and was having a very efficient shooting night then suddenly he has 2 or 3 attempts the rest of the way? And one of those was off an offensive rebound. He could have easily had a 20/15 night with stats across the board. That's four straight double doubles now in spite of him not really getting any plays. Let's hope the breakout continues!
  6. So when is he coming back? He’s been “near” for quite a while now and still no clear sign of returning. Is it safe to assume he’ll be back after rather than before the All Star Break?
  7. They probably all thought that Murray was gonna drive so they got ready for the possible kickout.
  8. I hope Yahoo gives him the G/F tag soon. He’s been playing some small ball forward for the Rockets.
  9. Finally positive words from Malone. MPJ’s arrow hopefully starts pointing up from hereon. He’s had 2 serviceable games in a row and these positive words from the coach hopefully loosens him up a bit and unleashes his A-game.
  10. Anyone watching the game? He has 19 pts and 5 boards so far, and is 8/11 from the field. Are they actually feeding him the ball now?
  11. I think he hat 10 points on 100% shooting after the first quarter? he had 3 attempts after that. it's really very hard to read Mike Malone's head. 19 minutes vs 29 given to Nnaji? Is he a free agent after this season? I feel some team may give him a decent offer and he bolts the Nuggets. Might be Jerami Grant all over again.
  12. After a very good first quarter he suddenly becomes an afterthought on offense?
  13. I do hope he starts getting more boards in the coming games. He looks real good offensively already. Him and Cody Zeller are very similar right now.
  14. It’s funny because the new sked is reflected in the phone app but not on the website.
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