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  1. Im in a 30 teamer that Im not going to have time for. Its $50 buy in but we pay a year in advance and Im paid up so 100 bucks. I have a solid team. Im the Padres. Its 70 man rosters. I have a young team that can compete for the players. Verdugo, Peter Alonso, Corbin Burnes, Renfroe, Daniel Robertson, Cesear Hernandez, Wheeler, CarMar, Chad Green. Minors I have Xavier Edwards, Austin Beck plus a bunch of not top 100 guys that have high floors. Very deep farm. It really is a solid group but I created a league that we are drafting in now and I just dont have the time. Id get you invited to
  2. To everyone that messaged that I didnt get back too. We are full but people now have to pay the buy in. The deadline is Friday. If people dont pay I will need backups. Email me with any questions and if you would be able to pay within a few hours of seeing the full league. Then Ill make a list of peope that have next. Thanks
  3. Hey guys creating an epic dynasty league. With a hard cap and player contracts extensions Im going for highly strategic and fun, Its $55 buy in. 10 cat scoring. Daily lineup changes. Real MLB teams and divisions. Got a good group so far. League chat on Discord. Want to fill soon so we can pay and draft in early March. It will be a slow draft for 50 rounds. 60 roster spots.
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