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  1. Yeah thats a fair way to say it. Bell was in the top tier of RBs and elite pre Jets. Nobody is going to be good playing on that team. That said Bell is older now so he has clearly lost a step. Hes still a better RB at this point then Mccoy was when he joined KC last season. As a CEH owner I'm not moving him or anything as I just dont expect to get much. I do expect this to kill his value though. I'm not going to be surprised to see Bell have a mini comeback as he has alot to prove right now. Bell at one time was like a WR out of the backfield hes a great fit in KC.
  2. We've seen this before. Just last season actually. CEH is more talented then Williams but Bell is also more talented then Mccoy was at the point in his career that he came to KC. Bell has been bad for the Jets but its the Jets hes going to look way better in this offense.
  3. I can see Bichette in the 2nd round. Hes not going over guys like Jo-Ram,Cole,Freeman, or Beiber though. I expect Cody B and Yelich in the 2nd round as well. 1st round is very stacked next year I wont even mind picking at the back end.
  4. If you just go into your drafts straight following "experts" which the majority of your league mates follow you don't end up crushing fantasy. Its obv with guys like Soto and Tatis who show absurd things at a young age that they've got untapped ceilings and can win you a league. As I said on page 1 I'm targeting Soto anytime I picked between 7-12 to me he was the automatic pick in these spots and had a case to go even higher then that.
  5. I watched the entire game to me it seemed like Burrow was throwing great passes and Green couldnt catch.
  6. Lock 1st rounder next season. Was nice getting him on a discount for one year.
  7. SB is going to have huge games this season. Hes also going to throw up some duds here and there due to being a Giant. Obv you would rather have Zeke possibly Kamara and maybe CEH. Unless you're getting one of those guys no point in moving him hes a top 5 RB.
  8. Trout,Tatisjr,Acuna,Soto, top 4 guys next year all have a fair case to be 1. Thing with Acuna and Tatis is they give you the speed.
  9. Many experts were saying similar things about Tatisjr last season.
  10. His ADP was 2nd round in NFBC. I'd expect 2nd round again next season. Even with some guys having bad starts in the 1st round other guys Bieber/Tatis etc 1st round locks.
  11. That was the right choice for yahoo. Wasnt fair to run teams with all thats happened.
  12. For me its either RB/WR or RB/RB. In my leagues RB's always fly off the board. I don't want to start WR/WR and feel forced into catch up on RB in the next rounds. I feel like WR is really deep this season. My leagues are mostly ppr 3WR +flex and even in this format I feel comfortable with later WRs.
  13. I think this should be what happens everywhere. I did early drafts and drafted for a full season. Now were looking at a 50-70 game season, IF a season happens. The new problem popping up is players having covid. This isnt the season I signed up for whatsoever.
  14. On yahoo pro leagues which is what the thread is about it was in the last week of reg season, with 3 weeks of playoffs to be played. Obv the playoffs are the most important part of H2H. Even in roto the last few weeks are huge because its a great time to catch up in the standings with owners dropped out and alot of resting of stars happening. Figuring yahoo couldnt change the prize payouts legally their really wasnt a fair way to go about it this. People got money back who were out of it which isnt fair to the teams in the title race. In the same sense if you just give 1st prize money to
  15. They refunded all hockey money leagues. I am in a Pro Hockey League — will Yahoo issue refunds or payout winners? All Pro League users will soon be issued a refund into their Fantasy Wallet. My Hockey league has a cash league contest — will Yahoo issue refunds or payout winners? All private leagues with a cash league contest will have the contest canceled. League members will be issued a refund in their Fantasy Wallet. https://sports.yahoo.com/update-on-yahoo-fantasy-hockey-leagues-following-nhl-suspending-season-amid-coronavirus-pand
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