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  1. Live standard online draft, 1 minute per pick... I normally use Fantrax treasurer, but if enough owners prefer leaguesafe, we'll go that route... Draft is currently scheduled for late Monday evening.
  2. Still several openings, the draft will be later in the evening on the day that we fill. Send me your email and I'll send you the invite.
  3. Finally, a basketball version of "The Real 162", a long-running fantasy baseball league which mimics real-life baseball as closely as possible. The Real 82 will be a 22-team league, with 11 owners running two teams apiece - one in each conference. It features an 82-game schedule with playoffs exactly like the NBA (four best-of-7 rounds with the top 8 in each conference advancing to the playoffs). First, there will be two separate franchise drafts (one for each conference) where owners will select their franchises. On top of using your teams' names and logos, you will each get to keep
  4. If you’re looking for a realistic league, this one is as real as it gets. I’m trying to fill a premium custom league on Fantrax called ‘The Real 162’. It uses DAILY scoring periods... so you play a 162-game season and then playoffs exactly like real MLB... Wildcard play-in game, Best-of-5 LDS, Best-of-7 LCS, and a Best-of-7 World Series between the AL and NL champions!Looking for a total of 20 quality owners (currently at 13 of 20) to run either an AL team (drafting from an AL-only player pool) or an NL team (NL-only player pool). It’d be $50 per team (premium league fees already paid). The le
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