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  1. Looking forward to the 20pts/20rb/20blks game tonight, fellas.
  2. It's gonna suck when it's actually the end of the ride instead of just a slump. For now though, it feels ******** gooood.
  3. 95% of me holding RoCo was because he's our Lord and I fear retribution. 5% of me holding RoCo was wanting to watch you rightfully dunk on heretics who lost faith.
  4. I like the move, personally. Drew is good as a third stringer, but he's not very disciplined and does even less on offense than Poeltl. They really need some outside shooting from a big. The lane is absolutely clogged right now since DeMar, Keldon, DJM, and Jakob have no 3pt game. Granted, that's the starting lineup, and Gorgui's likely to come off the bench. So... I dunno. Looks like I've got a bunch of thoughts w/ no definitive answers.
  5. Eubanks is gonna lose wayyy more playing time than Jakob.
  6. I am very tempted to sell high here, but I just love this dude so damn much.
  7. Just imagine how insane his FG% would be if he just learned how to dunk the ball. He's doing all of this on layups, pop-a-shots, and bunnies.
  8. He hasn't even played a game with the Kings and we're already talking ****? Holy hell this place is ridiculous sometimes. He'll probably drop off a cliff, but at least give it a week's worth of games before cashing in your chips.
  9. You're right, Timmy's got a good face. Let's use his.
  10. Can we cut someone else's face off and tape it to Poeltl's so the refs think he's that person instead and not make all of these bullshit foul calls? LET MY MAN COOK GODDAMNIT
  11. I pity the fool in my league who dropped this dude. One of my favorite WW pickups this year.
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